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Happy or Sad, who knows

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Well today was the last full day that my friend spent in his house. He's moving up to Virginia tomorrow, say hi everyone who lives up there XD, and there was a going away party today.

It wasn't really sad since he will probably be coming down every once in a while, they aren't getting rid of the house, just renting it.

The going away party was SOOOOOO fun, we went swimming for a while and the dog came in too, then we got out and ate, I had a hot dog and some fries =D. We then went inside and talked, apparently my mom told one of the guys who owned the house that I was amazing at Guitar Hero, and it just so happened that he had Guitar Hero, hooked up to his INSANE TV that had surround sound with like 7 speakers, I couldn't hear for like 30 minutes after playing -,-....

After a few songs we played Mario Kart, the new one, because I have yet to play it and my friend really wanted to XD.

I owned him at racing, and he owned me at battle =/...

At the end my dad started crying (he's known my friends step-dad since high school and he's one of my dads closest and best friends) I told everyone goodbye, and even hugged his sister who can be very annoying, not can be always is XD, I know that we don't like each other but if she wasn't there then me and my friend wouldn't have as much excitement as we do =D.

I learned that they are planning on webcamming us on my webcam though so thats good =D.

Other stuff:

I'm going to look into a Guitar Hero tournament at the local gaming lounge/lasertag type thing hardknocks, I'm hoping to get at least third, they usually don't have many good people that I know of -.-, I don't know when there next tourny is but I know they have one every so often.

There was one more thing I just can't remember it...

Oh yes, I posted a video on my private youtube account (as in none of my friends know about it just you guys XD).

Charlieissocoollike is a youtuber that has become very popular lately, he started doing live shows on Monday. He does voice questions, and it just so happens that five minutes after I posted my voice question he answered it =D.

My question was: If you could change anything in the world what would it be?

I know its one of those questions where its like "YEAH THATS REALLY ORIGINAL" but hey I really would like to get to know him, he seems pretty awesome =D, and I wasn't in the main room soooo yeah.

He didn't answer the whole thing and I asked him on his comments to answer it in his next vlog, so hopefully he will =D.

video: [url=]YouTube - My question, Charlieissocoollike[/url]

account: [url=]YouTube - Samaki94's Channel[/url]

and I haven't done all the work I need to on the account.

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