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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

A Sordid Confession...

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... I have discovered the art of picking my bellybutton.

Worse still... I love it!

I actually get a sense of achievement from digging out the fluff in there - it's weird! And I like the feeling, too... It kinda tickles!

Also, I find it fascinating how the fluff gets there in the first place! And how is it always the same colour!?!

Anyway - enough rambling.

This is a call-to-arms to all other naval-diggers out there... Stand up and be counted! Stand up and say proudly: "I pick my bellybutton fluff and I enjoy it!" And also, tell me... What colour is it?

Speak, damn you!


  1. BabyPandora's Avatar
    Um... I kinda wish I never clicked this blog :/

    Although I do wash my bellybutton my packing wet soap in it and pulling it out. That way it doesn't smell like ass.
  2. acorn's Avatar
    Too much info’ I can only impart to you something somebody once uncharitably threw at me.[QUOTE] Cleanliness is next to godliness but in your case a good wash will do. [/QUOTE]All apologies, in before the inevitable fallout.
  3. SillyFox's Avatar
    i dont get bellybutton lint but i do get a scab in there some times and its yellow
  4. ManicMunchkin's Avatar
    I hear you only get belly button lint if you have belly hair. Revealed: The secrets of belly button fluff - Telegraph That said, I have no lint to pick
  5. PaddedPuppy's Avatar
    "I hear you only get belly button lint if you have belly hair" - Yep if you remove just enough so there is no hair reaching into it then you won't get any fluff.

    And its not always the same color - unless you wear the same color clothes every day. Its just loose bits from your clothes carried up or down by the hairs on your front and they all end up in your bellybutton.
  6. quattrus's Avatar
    Me too, me tooo!!!! I'm a proud navel digger!!

    Anyway, as others said, bellybutton fluff is more likely to be coming from the clothes you're wearing, at least that seems my case as I don't find my own hair inside there but cotton-like fluffy stuff, it's generally dark because I wear dark t-shirts underneath my clothes. Then, lately I've been picking my bellybutton so often that I hardly find fluff anymore inside it xD

    Another thing I do is spreading it open with my fingers to see the bottom of it, and check it's clean, and if it's not, I feel really compelled to work on it until it gets as shiny as new ^^
  7. Maxx's Avatar
    Nope, not enough body fat for anything to collect in there. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.