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Seeing a familiar face right now?!?!

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I already made a thread about this in the Off-Topic Forum, but I just need to talk about it and how weird this is.

There's a place online where there are many photos stored of various things (most of which are NOT PG-13, so no, I will not post the site name), and I browsed through the diaper pictures, and there is this one picture that I cannot get my mind off of now. It'll be keeping me up all night.

There was this certain woman in high school who I cared for very, very much. Unfortunately, she didn't feel the same for me, and this caused a major emotional roller coaster for me and several arguments which eventually led to our despising of each other. Up until very recently, I can honestly say that I hated her. If I even so much as thought of her at any time during even the best days of summer, my attitude would turn into a bitter disposition. Seeing her and hearing her voice made me unbelievably angry every single time. However, she moved to Idaho and it's been several months without contact, which is exactly what I needed because I haven't thought her that much (except when writing songs). Then she apologized, which totally turned the tables on what remaining negative thoughts I had of her, and we're on good terms now.

But this blog isn't a love story...this is a mind-boggling dilemma. I've tried my best at analyzing her face and the diapered picture face, and there is really not much difference in the two. Here are some traits that are the same/similar:

Light-ish brown hair, blue eyes, fairly large breasts, hair length down to her chest/stomach, very slight pudge on the stomach, nose shape, chin size and shape, shape formed from the corner of her eyes with the edges of her lips is triangular, freckles on the upper face, lips are not big yet not very small, cheek and jaw bones, and possibly eyebrows are the same.

Now I'm not gonna is obsessive. LOL. But honestly, when something like this comes up, I need to be absolutely sure that she is not the same girl that is in the picture (or is..?). She's a very significant person in my high school career, diaper-related or not, and I will most likely be seeing her in the future. Besides, how would you feel if you thought you found your ex-significant other on an *B/DL site?

This has happened once in the past with some guy I used to know of back in freshman year of high school, when I first found *B/DL sites and looked through them to see how many people did this. I didn't bother to take a closer look then, and it really doesn't matter much to me because he was simply an acquaintance, if anything.

I don't know...maybe I just WANT to have it be the same person. I don't think I'll ever get strong feelings for her again either, so it's not a big deal in THAT sense.

I'm freaking out in a small manner haha. I will probably have a hard time falling asleep tonight...


  1. extrathick's Avatar
    Wanna PM me the website address? Please?
  2. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    I'm not allowed to disclose 18+ sites with people under 18 years of age, even if it is through PM. Sorry. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.