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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

Disconnected Internet for the last month.

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Yeah, I disconnected the Internet at my apartment a little over a month ago. If anybody was wondering where the fuck I disappeared to, that is why I have not been popping my head in here very often recently.

No Internet in my apartment = no involvement in petty Internet drama.

No XBox Live = no dealings with assholes on XBox Live = I am enjoying gaming again.

No cable Internet bill = more cash in my pocket = finances are considerably less tight = I can now actually afford to go out to dinner with the guys on a regular basis.

I do miss participation on ADISC, but my life has improved vastly since I disconnected the Internet in my apartment. I think I will pop in here a couple of times a week, seeing as I do have access to the Internet at the library. Keeping things working at that level means that I am not wasting endless hours sitting in front of the computer - hours which I could be spending with real-world socialization. It's all about balance - when I had the Internet at my place, there was no such thing as balance, as I spent several hours on it a day.

So, here I am, back (somewhat), and in a better spiritual place (somewhat). Glad to see you're all still here.


  1. whisko's Avatar
    KvDW, welcome back and see you later :-)

    The Internet is full of giant, thriving, and friendly virtual communities that will fill your free time, keep you inside, and make your skin a beautiful shade of pale. No matter how much time you spend on ADISC or how much you spend away, I'm glad to hear things are going well lately and I wish you the best!
  2. WildThing121675's Avatar
    I am just glad you are doing well man... and I do know all about the internet drama thing which I have distanced myself from- hope you continue to do well and that life goes good for you my friend.

  3. Maxx's Avatar
    It must be demonic possession. You've taken a disturbing amount of control over your life the last year or so. <wink><wink>

    Well done, man.
  4. acorn's Avatar
    And the sad part, you missed nothing by not being around. That statment says more about us, than you. Death to the interweb and I look forward to a return to payphones with A and B buttons. RL, wait for me - here I come.

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