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Extended Absence

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I suppose I should say hello to everyone seeing as I haven't been on Adisc for a long while. My extended absence has resulted in a number of factors.
1. My laptop died on me and at the minute I havent got the funds to aquire a new one. Well technically I do, but it is currently being borrowed off me by my parents.

2. I have had bed wetting issues reappear which has been an on and off thing for me for years. My parents found out about this and confronted me about it. They took it ok I suppose but ill write about my experiences with them at another time.

3. My brother and sister have been rather nasty with some regards to my sexuality. They don't know that I'm gay, but have said some rather nasty stuff about suspicions of me being gay. Basically saying it's immoral and wrong. I try hard not to let it get to me but I don't have the bottle to say anything and has resulted in a lot of depressing days.

I am hoping to be on more often but it all depends how I feel day by day.

I have been well supported by friends on here and for that I am extremely grateful. You know who you are and thank you

Have a good day/evening/night everyone and thanks for reading

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