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Random stuff that isn't about Religion

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That's a nice change, isn't it? I ramble way too much about that stuff...

This is a blog about really random stuff, so take your pick of what to read! ;P

Do you know what really sucks sometimes? Living in the middle of nowhere. My house can only get satellite internet, and as expensive as it can get, it's only about 3x faster than dial-up. Even worse is that we have a limit, and since I'm at home almost all the time now, it's ridiculously easy to go over that limit. When that happens, the speed downgrades to SLOWER than dial-up. I really want Xbox Live here, but with only 0.32 Mbps of download on an average day, it can't happen.

I really hate to admit it, but I love Live. It's like an addiction in a sense, in that I know that excessive playing would consider me...dare I say it...a NERD, but it's just so damn fun! LOL

I'm supposed to have band practice today with a garage band that really shouldn't be considered a band, so I hope that goes down. It's always fun to make crap music with some good friends!

I really want a girlfriend. I haven't had one in a long time, and I haven't yet kissed a girl (which I'm kind of insecure about). I really don't care if she accepts the fetish or not, because I don't think I'll ever tell anyone unless 1) I can't orgasm without it being involved (God's my biggest fear thus far in life), or 2) things get serious.

I have dreams that don't even involve sex, but just involve hugging and holding one another, and it's an amazing feeling when you're holding someone that you legitimately care for. Even though it was just a involved a woman from where I grew up (lived there for 15 years) and she texted me one day shortly after I moved, telling me that she loved me, but it was only three words long, in all caps and with several exclamation points. Now, I don't remember the circumstances at the time, but I think it may have been legit...but she did claim that it was one of her friends when I asked her why she texted me that (several hours after I received the text, so she may have been slightly embarrassed of what she said in fear that I didn't feel the same). If I was as smart back then as I am now, I would have been all over that shit, because she is probably the one person I get along with the best out of everyone I know. I would have found out, and would have made the best of it.

But I digress...I could have, would have, should have done MANY things in my life, but thinking about it won't help any. She's moved on and I suppose I have. It's a shame...we could have been great together!

I love fall/winter. There's something about the bitter cold and the bleak gray of the environment that's so calming to me. It's much more preferable over spring and summer, if you ask me. It's quite relaxing. The weather in the fall, like now, is spectacular! It's a crystal clear day right now, only 70F outside, and since I live in nature, the sky is a piercing blue every time it's this clear. Makes me want to take the telescope out...I can see Jupiter when I'm driving home at night, and I really want to take a closer look.

I had to do a senior project in order to graduate (as most current high school grads are aware of, most likely), and I chose solar astronomy. I have no idea what compelled me to choose this, but it just seemed like a good idea. It was actually very interesting, and it was something complicated yet specific, which is what the topics were supposed to be. I still have the solar filter from it too! It can be risky if the filter isn't secure, because any slip-ups will destroy the eye that I'm observing with. The Sun is an incredible thing! I should have done planetary astronomy because that is more of my forte when discussing astronomy, but the ONLY planet that was visible for the several months that I was doing the senior project was Jupiter. I really want to see Saturn, but I don't think it's been visible in the past year, at least. Even Mars would be good, but the only one showing itself is Jupiter...

I went to a party a couple nights ago. I didn't get too bad, just enough to loosen up quite a bit (I think I had four shots of cherry vodka [which is actually really good!], and some other bottle of tequila). It was quite fun, to say the least. For me, just loosening up and having hilarious conversation with people is a good party. Most other people from the high school think the only fun party is one that they cannot remember, but what's the point in that? Besides, I really have to watch myself because of my condition, so I can't get blackout-drunk, even if I wanted to. I also had a drum-off with a few other drummers who were there, and I apparently won. I don't consider myself a good drummer, because my timing is crap sometimes, and I don't really have a broad vocabulary. But I can do a damn good cover of just about any song out there, unless it's blast beats the whole time.

This is getting too long. I'll just stop now...


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