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Wolf's Rain

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Well a little while ago I finished Wolf's Rain and I posted it in the thread I had made about it but it got pushed to I think the third page so I decided to make a blog about it, plus I need to get some other things off my back.


There might be a few spoilers here and there so if you want to watch the show but haven't seen it before don't read this XD.

Alright well I started on ep 19, skipping ep 15 through 18 because they were just the first few eps but with narrating from different characters.

I watched all of the eps till around ep 26 then decided to go to sleep after a few more and leave the rest for tomorrow, that didn't work. The last few are SOOOOOO intense, I was freaking out because there were still like 3 more shows and they had already opened paradise, it turned out that it wasn't the real paradise, then Tobowe died, which I cried for about half an hour after he died, first television show I've ever cried over, he was THE BEST character I think, was funny and kinda dumb but was really smart at the same time.

Then everyone else besides Kiba Darche and Cheza died, which I didn't really cry over them but I was pretty much in a daze for most of the last one...

Finally the time came when paradise opened YAY!!!!!, NOT!

I said in the post, yeah it was bad but some reason satisfying, now that I've had a few days to think about it, my whole intire body is ACHING for more, I'm like what the heck!!! so the whole intro has really been paradise and its just the world how it is today -.-...

Which kinda got me wondering, WAIT, are they saying that really WE are the wolves and that mother nature brought Wolves to this world from our World, but we were the Wolves???

Anyways, I'm about to go watch the ending again just because I feel I need to XD.


Now other things that have been going on.

My grandpa has been in the hospital since yesterday morning for chest pains, they released him this afternoon though saying they couldn't find anything wrong with him.

Me, my mom and my sister stayed with my Grandma though because she really can't be left alone for long ESPECIALLY not during the night, I had to sleep on the couch which WASN'T comfortable, and I woke up with back and neck pain which I still have -,-...

I learned more about my BFF if you've been reading my blog and a few of my posts you'll know what I'm talking about.

Apparently she told my friend that she liked me, they had to put there really awesome dog down for heart problems and she told me friend "My dog just died and the person I like is gay, everyone is leaving me", either that means that she doesn't want to see me anymore because I'm gay, which I REALLY hope not, and I thought she supported gays, or yeah...

I really want to talk with her but I CANNOT get up the courage to call her or AIM her, not that shes ever on AIM, although I'm hoping this is a good sign, she added me randomly on youtube so I'm hoping that she doesn't hate me.

Other thing: The girl that I dated mainly because I felt bad about her, she doesn't know I'm really gay, but she's apparently "Really depressed" because I "don't like her" anymore....

She broke up with me (thank god I was actually going to do it that day if I could bring up the courage) because apparently she found someone that goes to her church and "knows" god....

She's been a total bitch to me and my friends lately, she made us wait like 1 hour to see Walle and got in right before the movie started and there weren't a lot of good seating, and she's been talking shit about them to other people. I love my friends and really, she should too since they "used" to be her friends until she found the kids who were GAH!!!!

If she doesn't start being nice to them I'm just going to up and tell her to back off, I consider me and my 3 best friends to be family, and I will protect them as much as I know they will protect me.

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