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Everything is going horribly..right? Continuation: Battle of the cursed guitar.

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This is just a continuation of my last post. It seems as though this time around, the cursed guitar isn't being as much of a pain in the ass. :/ I'm confused. This thing has been the reason why I have trouble sleeping at night. That's not an exageration, I've actually had trouble sleeping because of this instrument on more than one occasion. It just seems so weird...

Today, I finished painting the neck. A nice blizzard white, perfect mirror finish with no waves, debris, fisheye, crackiling. Nothing. I'm spooked.

I started painting the body today. I decided to go with blizzard white as well. The first coat was trouble. This mischievious bastard decided he would plague me with some uneven grain, requiring a few more hours of work if I wanted to sand out the imperfections... but then it spoke to me. The guitar, it suggested epoxy. I ran for my stash of epoxy that I keep on hand at all times. I slathered it in epoxy, wiping off the excess with a razorblade and an old rag. perfection.

It is only now that I have fully realized how little time there is between this point in time, and the point in which I wrap my chapped, sore hands around its neck and bleed this wretched contraption for all the music that it owes me.


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