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System Destruction

Oh my, this weekend.

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This weekend was quite horrible for me. Although some interesting things happened.

Friday was a bit short, I got to have dinner at the Keg (Terriyaki Steak and Creme Brulee!) and then went to the Casino for a little bit where I won $40 on one spin on a machine ^_^. Got bonus free spins, then got more free spins (which all gave x2 the win or something) :3 Was pretty fun.

I got home on Friday evening to learn that I had a dead laptop, and forgot my power cord at the university (which I wouldn't be able to get until Tuesday (today)). So I had no real computer to use, and I used my iPod until it ran out of it's battery. =(

It was thanksgiving weekend, so on Saturday we had thanksgiving dinner. This means that almost all of my family came out for dinner (I really dislike my family for past reasons, and I can't stand to be around them so I usually just lock myself in my room with my cousin, or go upstairs to play X-Box 360.)

So Saturday morning (5 am) comes and I hear my door open, I was slightly startled since no one ever comes into my room and I sat up quickly; luckily it was just my cousin who came in there (I had forgotten I had my paci sitting on my table, derp. Of course I was also sleeping with my plushie and all that XD) Ah well, no harm with him.

Besides that it was 5 AM and I did not sleep well at all. I woke up at around 12:00am after going to sleep only 30minutes before feeling entirely awake, so I watched the new Transformers (Dark of the moon) movie. Then tried to get back to sleep, I think I only just dozed off when he walked in my room.

Up I got, and took my shower; told him I would go out to the X-Box 360 after I was done, he just waited there. So I went and we played some Halo 3 online, and some Mortal Kombat, a little bit of You Don't Know Jack... more on this later. It was quite fun actually, after playing for 3 or so hours (to about 8:30) we went back to my room, and watched a little bit of Shin Chan to pass the time. Watched a few episodes and once again headed upstairs both to my family computer and the 360. After watching some youtube videos we finally went back to the X-Box 360 to play some more You Don't Know Jack.

Unfortunately while being upstairs my other cousin (who let's just say I hate with a fiery passion, is a bit of a blabbermouth.) decided to come up and either torture me, and or visit me. She was up there watching us play YDKJ when a "Dis or Dat" question pops up on whether or not the item they are referencing is an Adult Diaper brand or something else (I forget now) came up for me (being in 2nd place). When my cousin (who I was with - the guy) decided to make a joke where he said; "You know a lot about those! You should get 7/7" Where cousin B (the girl - jesus this is getting confusing) asked "Why would he know a lot about adult diapers..." A bit startled by that question I just really had no exact reply, nor did he realizing what he had said. Unfortunately on top of being a blabber mouth she thinks of herself as a know it all, and will not stop until she has some sort of answer (and finds it hilarious to do so). So she is laughing and making up stories now and says she will just Google until she finds the answer unless I tell her. So I mean, there isn't much I can say so I just change the topic to go down and watch Shin Chan with my cousin (once again the guy) and turn off the 360.

^ I'm sure no one can make sense from that! X3

I'm just hoping she somehow forgot all about it (for now). It won't take her long to remember, and do as she said Google it until she finds an answer that she deems suitable as to why I would know 'a lot' about diapers *yay*. Her being a blabber mouth is my largest fear regarding that, no idea who she may tell.

Thank god my family has finally left my house and I can go be by myself.

Sunday comes, and today is a day that I grudgingly agreed to go to some pumpkin festival with other people. It was extremely boring, all it was was there were giant pumpkins hollowed out and painted, which they climbed into on a lake and paddled across it (as a race). The only amusing thing that whole day was one of the pumpkins was painted like Nyan Cat and there was 2 girls inside it both wearing cat ears and a cat tail. XD

Outside that I was slightly depressed being there, my fursuit I purchased a couple months back should be here in December and I couldn't help but think about it. Mainly going out suiting at events like that, where not only do I get to have a great time but I make magic for the other people there. Then I realized December feels so far away :P and that actually made me sad.

Additionally I felt insulted by my my mom's friend. She is on my Facebook, and she checks Facebook all the time. She knows everything about everyone on her Facebook pretty much, she's a bit of a gossip liker I suppose. So I was there sitting there (looking bored I'm sure - since I was) and she looks at me (with Darren - also on my Facebook) and says "When you get a girlfriend you can bring her along on these trips so you won't be so bored."

I should note that my Facebook profile clearly states I'm dating a guy. I can't see how she can not know, nor how Darren can't know. If she isn't aware of who I am dating then that would mean that she doesn't care to check my Facebook, but cares about everyone else on Facebook... Which I find to be offensive in itself.

But, for that matter it was the -way- she said that sentence. With emphasis on the word 'Girl'; It felt to me like she was saying I know you have a boyfriend, but he's not welcome on our trips. When you get a girlfriend she can come though.

Both scenarios I imagined offended me greatly.

Monday was better, but still very boring since I did not have my laptop.


Next weekend I'm off to challenge several other programmers at a programming competition... I think it's time to kick ass! ^_^
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    Next weekend I'm off to challenge several other programmers at a programming competition... I think it's time to kick ass! ^_^
    You're going down
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    Quote Originally Posted by Near
    You're going down
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