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First Baptist Church in Appalachia

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I was visiting my sisters in college, mainly because one was going to get baptized at the local FBC. I was happy for her decision, and so my spirits were up when I got there, also since I finally got to see my sisters for the first time in months. We meet up with them at my older sister's apartment (the one getting baptized), and we go to the church from there.

So I guess a little background info is necessary here. The older sister (I'll just name her Bobbette for convenience) is a very devout Christian, but maybe a little too devout. She has had some stupid ideas that stem from her wanting to be the best Christian that she can be, including quitting college. I honestly have absolutely no idea what her reasoning is for this, and I can usually be good at forming some logical reasoning to almost anything. But not this.

Fast forward through the baptism to the service. I'm listening to the pastor with careful ears, just to try and get a feel for the ideas that another Baptist church presents (perspective, if you will). I start noticing a pattern: the preacher keeps implying that God and Jesus is the best thing that one can do for themselves. This isn't a bad thing, and is probably a well-taught lesson in Baptist churches. But this guy...this guy is making others believe that Jesus is literally the only thing they need. Screw money, screw jobs, screw living a successful life. If you have Jesus, none of this matters.

And it was at that instant that I knew just where those fucking ideas were coming from. It made me so angry every single time that preacher insisted that Jesus is the only thing you need in life. That is NOT the only thing you need in life! You need money, you need a job, and you need a successful life! You can't survive if you think Jesus is going to sustain all your needs! I can see where this is going for Bobbette: she will quit college, move into our house, eventually get kicked out for not supporting with a job, and she will be out on the streets. All because that fucking imbecile of a preacher told her that it's the best way to live. She will eventually lose her faith, too. It kills me to say this, because what is one to do when the one thing that is meant to make your life better makes it much worse?

Bobbette has no idea what she is getting herself into. We try to tell her that this is not good at all, but all she hears is a lack of faith in God. The best thing to do for her is to move her out of that church, or to just tell her how it is, without holding back. I'm very tempted to do so because she is coming back this week for fall break.

Some people (mainly atheists) claim that religion is just a method of brainwash. I never knew how it could get that bad in an individual, but now I know. Firsthand.

I pray that she gets better...


  1. acorn's Avatar
    On the basis of what youíve expressed here, being the consensus of the family.If your sister is to survive as a member of your family a couple of ground rules must be set. You (your family) need to stay out of her face with your version of the bible teachings, remember, the christian belief preaches that it is better to die a martyr before denying the faith. Be patient and always have a welcome for her, in fact you will need to go out of your way to keep her included in the family fold. Given that your sisterís new found faith being an affront to the family, you need to keep itís members and equally as importantly itís divisive mind games outside the family home. Before I am beset by any representatives of the crucifiction re-enactment society, I SUGGEST taking careful note of my tagline.
  2. kite's Avatar
    Are you sure this group isn't sinking into cult status?
  3. irataliw's Avatar
    @ Acorn, very good advice! I wish everyone did as you suggest

    @Kite interesting note. From an academic sense Christianity is a cult

    @TheVisceral - Have you asked her why she dropped out of college? What her plans are?
    If what you say is true, and that she is content to wait for the "rapture" then this is a heresy that was dealt with by the early Church, which coined the phrase, you don't work, you don't eat. And while Jesus Christ did say, "Seek first the kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you," he certainly did not say you don't need these things and shouldn't work. When Jesus Christ yelled at Martha when she was complaining that her sister Mary was not working, he did not say the work did not need to be done.

    I am very curious what this church is teaching as even as outlandish as some baptist churches get (You will recall from my earlier post in your blog) I have yet to see this strangeness.

    But one thing I will say, faith is faith and genuineness is genuineness. I do not have to agree with someone to respect his or her genuine beliefs. And ultimately with Christianity, christians can produce as much "proof" as they want, it won't matter. Either you believe or you don't. If you do not believe Jesus Christ is the incarnate son of God, second person of the Holy Trinity, then there is no way you can understand why people would do what they do or die as they die.

    And I am sorry, I do not follow the concept as seeing Jesus Christ as a moral teacher only as being a Christian. Islam sees Jesus that way. Bahkti Hindu sees Jesus that way. My point is that you can be moral and not a Christian, which I think many Christians do not realize. There are many paths to moral enlightenment. Confucianism is excellent in that regard.

    I encourage you to study the many different main stream religions. This book is fairly good as an introduction. It is not biased towards any one religion.Then, once you have found what appeals most to you, study that faith in more depth. might as well start from as broad a path as possible right and then narrow it down.

    Lots of luck
  4. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    I can tell you one perfect answer as to why to quit college to be a better Christian. School promotes logic and learning, and Christianity promotes teachings and practices from before the first century C.E (The new term for A.D- it's official since like, 2 years ago or somethin' idk). Even though I know baptism isn't the Catholic church in any way, the idea is the same in terms of their views on knowledgeable people.

    This bit of the baptist church sounds absolutely fucking retarded, and the fact that anyone could believe these ludicrous ideas boggles my mind.

    This is why, IMO, the world cannot truly move forward unless there is no more religion. Yes, guys, I actually think that- don't like it, too bad.
  5. irataliw's Avatar
    @Liam I can respect your opinion and your stand on the abolition of religion, but before you make broad statements, you might want to get your facts straight. The fact that people can make egregious claims or statements without the slightest inkling of research or depth boggles my mind. Please don't take that as mocking you or your belief, but people need to get their facts straight before making claims.

    Beer comes from Christian monks
    Genetics comes from Christian monks
    The idea of education being separate from religion did not transpire until the Italian Renaissance (Thank you Thomas Aquinas) and even then they were seen as too separate disciplines, not diametrically opposed practices. This strange concept of the two at war with one another seems to be a result of the protestant reformations.

    This whole idea that Christianity is against science or logic or proof astounds me. And you are right, Liam. There are a lot of sects of Christianity that say just that and it is amazingly stupid. These same people that make this claim seem to ignore St. Paul who said, "but test everything; hold fast what is good." 1 Thessalonians 5:21. So much for following scripture :P

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