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MTV Opens Online Archive of ‘Liquid Television’ Shorts | /Film

MTV has released the TV show Liquid Television online! I watched this as a kid back when it originally aired (1991 to 1994). It's one of my favorite TV shows. It's very off-beat. It had stuff I didn't like or get because I was so young. Now as an adult, I can see what I was going over my head.

MTV could have timed this better! I bought a bootleg earlier this year because there's no official DVD release. You can find torrents at MySpleen and episodes on YouTube. I don't know why MTV didn't release this crap sooner. I mean, this show won an Emmy for crying out loud. Guess people rather watch Jersey Shore.

>Sees Italian Situation doppelgänger

You want something different, this is it! It don't get much different than this! See the origins of Office Space, Beavis & Butthead, Aeon Flux, and a bunch of other stuff, FOR FREE, at... | The Alternative to Reality
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  1. Ronbeast's Avatar
    This was a little bit before my time (1992) , but I still remember Beavis and Butthead!

    My name is Cornholio! I NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE!!!!
  2. dbtim59's Avatar
    ^^^ made me laugh but yea I don't remember this show but I am gonna look it up, who knows maybe I'll like it.
  3. kenshi's Avatar
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