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Very Happy

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Well I have been talking to someone that I met through another abdl site, and its really working out well. We have already met up in real life twice, and we are planning to spend next weekend together. I am really excited, not only cause I will have someone to play as my big brother, but also because it will be nice to spend time with someone that I can be honest about with everything. You see, I am gay, although none of my "other" friends (non abdl friends) know about that, or about my diapers and what not, so it is nice being able to be open about being gay and being a big baby .
I used to have concerns that I wouldn't be able to find someone near enough to me to practice my abdlism with, but I guess that it just took some time for me to find the right person.
Well anyways, yea I am really excited and figured I should make a blog post about it, so yea I guess thats it, thank for reading.

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