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The days are moving by, slowly.

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Has anbody else noticed this?

I've noticed it in a few different places in my own day-to-day life. For example: Everyday I wake up at 8am, go outside and put siding on the house. Not exactly a slow paced activity, but the monotony of the job makes it drag on and on.

I don't know what is wrong with me, I guess I'm still not completely out of my slump. Everything seems to take forever, and in the end, I might not have accomplished anything. I've been trying to finish off some projects for what is now months, but I can't seem to get through them. I finish one thing, then I hit another snag. It's really a bummer..

I've even noticed that there are certain times lately (probably in the past as well.) that this site seems like it is slowing down, then picking up speed and finally slowing down again. I find it strange, because to me, the slower parts seem equivalent to watching re-runs on TV.

I don't know, maybe things will pick up again soon. We seem to function in a cycle. So, perhaps we're just moving out of the lower part of the cycle and everything is on its way up from here. Hopefully we'll all see some better days in the near future.


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