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how do i put pictures on the computer?

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would like to post a profile picture but dont know how. I barely know how to use a computer. What do i need to buy and how do i install it? If someone can walk me through it it would be greatly apriciated.


  1. whisko's Avatar
    When you take a picture with a digital camera, or when you save a picture from a Web site to your computer, it will be stored as a "file". A file is like an entry in a book's Table of Contents. It has a name, and a location (which "directory" it's in, which is kind of like different chapters of a book), and on a computer it also has a size (how many bytes), some dates (when was it made and when was it changed), and a note about what kind of file it is (so your computer would know what program to use to open the file).

    If you want to use a picture from your digital camera, plug it into your computer and let some program copy all the pictures off of your camera. (I know this is vague, but there are just so many different ways this can be done.) Each picture will then be a file on your computer. Look through your picture files (in Windows click the Start button then click Documents then click Pictures, or on a Mac click the Finder then click Pictures), double-click a file and it should open in a new window. (Your computer knew what kind of file it was, and asked a picture-viewing program to open that file.) Once you find the picture that you want, remember its name and what location (directory/folder) it was in.

    If you're planning to take a picture from a Web site and use it as your profile picture, go find the picture you want, point at it and click your right mouse button (or on a Mac, do a two-finger click I think), and from the menu that shows up pick "Save Picture As..." or "Save Image As..." or something like that (it varies based on the program you're using to look at Web pages). A new window will come up and ask you for a location and a name for the picture you're trying to save. Usually it will automatically be set to a folder called "Pictures", and usually the name it chose is already good, but remember or write down where that picture got saved to.

    After all that, on the ADISC website click Settings, then Edit Profile Picture (in the list on the left), then Browse. A new window will show up, and that is because your Web browser program wants to know what file you want to send to ADISC. Go find that file you saved above (sorry, I know that's vague but there are just so many ways to do it) and click Open (or OK, or Choose, or Select, or whatever). Your computer should fill in the box by the Browse button with the "file name" of the file you just picked. Then click "Save Changes", and your computer should send the picture to ADISC and it should become your profile picture! :-)
  2. Tezzeh's Avatar
    If still needed, the two links for the Avatar and profile picture setting page can be found here - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.