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Double Movie Wensdays

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haha lol so last night me and Amanda ( my BFF's siter) i know that sounds weird but she like my sister im so close to the family she calls me her adopted sister and kelly didn't want to join us ^^ anyways we saw Hellboy 2 and Wanted they were both awsome haha we got home at midnight :]

also we were being creative and made strawberyy & chocalate cheescake milkshakes lol at first we thought theyd be okay but we we tried it Big Amanda was literally blown away by it xD lol she said "this is like eating God"
BTW we were at alamo draft house if that makes sense you can eat and watch movies it cool and it good food besides Big Amanda works there so its free to get in :]

so its official we are going to do this every wensday till she leaves to college :[ and we created way more desset but didnt try them so we aregoing to make menus to only order from there on wensday so yea im SO pumped for next week we are seeing Batman & Mama Mia


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