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Braggy McCreepstein

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Today at work, I massaged my cute co-worker's legs for roughly 30 minutes at the end of the shift. It was really slow at work.

The day before, she complained that her legs were aching and I offered to massage her calves. I sat in one chair and she sat in another chair and rested her legs on my lap. Today, she said her knees were hurting. I tried to massage'em, but she's so skinny, I was rubbing the bones! I moved to the area above her knee.

I would start from the top of her knee and massage my way down to her ankle. I did this for a while and, being the creepy ***hole that I am, would start slightly higher on her thigh with every other pass. Mostly to see if she would notice. She's very ticklish and told me if I squeezed her thighs, she would start to laugh. That was a bad idea sharing that info.

Except the higher I went, the more relaxed she got. Until she put down her iPhone and just leaned back in her chair. I stopped just under the middle of her thighs. She never said anything. I slowly moved my starting point back down to above her knee. I know she would have said something eventually. Just surprised she didn't say anything sooner.

How I felt:


My hands haven't done anything that strenuous in a long time.

TL;DR I got a job that pays me to poop and massage a girl's legs. USA! USA! USA!
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  1. irataliw's Avatar
    *cue Barry White* aww yeaaaaaah.

    My fiance is too shy for me to give her massages, though I gave them all the time in school to my classmates.
  2. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Nice! Your blog title and tags made me laugh.

    I hope you guys were chatting while this was happening. I can imagine it would get very tense if there was no talking whatsoever.
  3. JayJ's Avatar
    irataliw - I figured your fiance would want massages the most out of anybody.

    TheVisceral - We did talk some. She was looking for shoes on her iPhone and the new iPhone 4s features. A lot of the time, it was quiet. Which was fine by me. You know women! Yakety yak yak yak!*

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