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Crohn's Disease

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Not fun. I have to use the bathroom every single time I eat!

It's okay when it's not acting up; actually, it's more or less inexistent when there's no flare up.

But when there really, really sucks sometimes. I first had symptoms this past January, but stupid me, I didn't tell my parents, thinking that it would go away. I finally told them 6 weeks later. I went to the local doctor (here in the boonies, and they don't have shit to help me with except phlebotomy), and it was there that they determined I was "sick." They admitted me to a pediatric GI, and I would have my first appointment in a week.

It was just two or three days after that, and it was getting pretty bad. I could hardly get out of bed, and after missing 3 days of school in a row, I went to the ER. There, it was determined that I had food poisoning, and the specific type I had matched up with my symptoms! They gave me this stuff called Z-pack I think, and sent me home. I thought I was finally free from it!

But four days later, I still wasn't cured. It was kind of better, but not gone. I finally went to the GI, and after a couple weeks of different tests, it was determined I had Crohn's.

At first it wasn't too much of a shock, but it was like losing a loved one; it hits harder after a couple weeks. It took SO long to get that flare up under control, with several different medications to take (most of which were a very lucky shot in the dark). It finally went into total remission in June or July, I think.

Everything had been good, but we were going to see if getting off a certain medication would do anything worse (I was hopefully supposed to wick my pills away to just one a night). Well, turns out I need it to stay in remission, and so it's back. It's getting taken care of, and I actually told my parents right off the bat, so it's going to be just fine. Just inconvenient for now!

So yeah...that's my story :p anyone else on here with Crohn's? Or some other IBD of some sort?

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