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Things just keep getting better.. I hope.

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Well, to update on things life is getting better I hope. I just hope things don't fall back. First off, I have been losing some weight, doing some work on my sleep patterns and habits and things like that. I'm trying to keep myself up during the day more and not stay up all night long drinking beer and playing XBox 360 games. Thus far, I've gotten my bathroom completely cleaned out and I am getting other projects done around my apartment.

An update on my health situation is that my problems are caused by my cerebral palsy as my docs have told me I am at the age where it can become a factor. I already am dealing with the arthritis and the physical limitiatons which caused me to leave my job of six years. I am working on the cochlear implant which my father had done and he's doing very well. That's a good thing.

My blood pressure is coming down and I feel like I am on a right track. I am drinking more water, less pop and less beer. My worst habit with that, IE beer; was staying up late and drinkng all night long. That's a habit I'm trying to cut out. I find getting things done during the day allows me to not drink as much. I like that. Plus, I am spending time with friends. I like that.

I just wanna do what I can to be a good person and work on my health and maybe go back to work; however it won't be at the restaurant I was employed at before unless my former boss is willing to work with me and work around a doctor's order of only 3-4 hours a day.

Well, that's just an update... I just hope things keep getting better.


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