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First blog!

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Woohoo! I'm probably never going to write about my diapery habits and what not (to some users' relief). I'll probably use these things to vent and complain half the time :p

The one thing on my mind is music. Tool, to be exact.

They're incredible. They're definitely a legend in the music industry, and I'm so glad I found out about them at some point! Maynard also sings in A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, which I happen to be a fan of both (not so much Puscifer; I only have "The Mission" from them).

But there's a major downside: NOTHING SOUNDS AS GOOD. I find it pretty hard to get into another band if it isn't on the same technical level as Tool (and Meshuggah, to some extent). I went on Y! Answers and asked if there were any bands that were similar to Tool, and here's what I got:

Melvins, King Crimson, Rush, Mastodon, Trans Am, Rishloo (weird f'in name, right?), Creation's End, Deftones, and NIN (although I totally disagree with that).

Melvins was really weird, but I'll look into that again, because it was so late. King Crimson was too jazzy and too sporadic. Rush is just as technical but much too light for me. Creation's End sounds more like music that makes you feel like you're going on some mythical f***ing adventure, and NIN is very, VERY unusual nowadays (just look at "Closer").

However, Mastodon and Rishloo were really not too bad. Rishloo is...well, I honestly don't know how to explain it. But I do like it to some extent! And Mastodon just sounded really good to me.

There's some other band called LizZard that I checked out, and I like one of their songs (The Orbiter). And it just so happens that those three bands I found out that I liked either had some influence on Tool (Mastodon, and I could kind of hear how), and those that TOOK influence from Tool (Rishloo, LizZard).

I only have 450 songs in my library, some of which is just country or recorded drum covers. It's pitiful to call it a musician's stockpile of music! What to do, what to do...

Damn you Tool, and your greatness!


  1. statik's Avatar
    Or join Pandora?

    Personally I find there's just so much good music out there that it's nearly impossible for me to stick one genre alone. Even if I could, I wouldn't. I love music too much to not allow myself to explore the depths of sound.

    I originally commented here only to say I love your name but this topic kinda grabbed me personally. Visceral however is awesome, especially if you're giving props to the team over at Deadspace.
  2. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Haha hey thanks man! And I actually came up with this name when I first signed up on here. I often tend to give logical insight to situations that pertain to the self, a.k.a. that which is "visceral."

    I tend to be really really picky about my music. Technicality is my main thing, and since Tool is the highest standard of that which sounds good and is technical, there's nothing left to impress me with! If I get a good first impression I'll look into it, but otherwise...not too easy to do.

    You're the second person to tell me to sign up on Pandora, so I think i will..
  3. whisko's Avatar
    I like what I've heard from Tool, but I've only heard the three or four mainstream songs.

    One of my friends is very into Tool, and wears a Tool t-shirt pretty often. Recently I told him, "Dude, that shirt makes you look like a tool... ... fan! Do you like their stuff?" ;-)

    I also will check out Pandora. Many of my co-workers listen to it exclusively.
  4. BabyArtie's Avatar
    Have you come across Porcupine Tree?

    I'll swap you Shallow for the best piece of Tool you can supply
  5. Ronbeast's Avatar
    I'm into a bit of tool and some NIN. But, my buddy is obsessed. To the point where most of the time that is what I hear when I drive around in his truck with him. It even carried over into our band as he is the lead guitarist. We are trying to incorporate the song "Aenema" into our setlist (I'm playing bass so I get to tackle that crazy bassline that Justin Chancellor wrote.)

  6. LifestyleLittleCandi's Avatar
    I totally understand how Tool dwarfs everything else in the musical spectrum. I have been obsessed with tool for years and it's taken me a long time to find my way into something even remotely as good.

    Deftones... If you aren't already familiar with them, listen to the album 'Adrenaline.' They're not as amazing as Tool, but if you like the way Maynard's voice fills every spacial crevice in the universe, you'll like Chino Moreno. He's also the singer for a group called Team Sleep, which is also pretty dope.

    Blogging is a great way to relieve stress and to get your voice out there to whoever is listening. Hope you continue
  7. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Hahaha...nice whisko. I've heard people say that to others myself, except they just stopped at tool...

    Yeah Artie I've heard of them several times when discussing Tool but I don't think I've checked them out yet...I'll do that.

    Well, I would incorporate them if I could into our band! Turns out that no one at my school likes them too much, let alone heard of know rednecks...anyways, have fun with that bass line! hahaha

    And Candi...what bands are you into that you describe are "remotely good"? I'm desperate to expand hahaha.
  8. LifestyleLittleCandi's Avatar
    Well, I don't listen to a lot of metal-ish stuff anymore. I used to be really into Incubus before Metal crept into my life, but I'd have to say that I'm a fan of Kittie and As I Lay Dying...

    Since then, I've gotten into more screamo-y stuff like Pierce the Veil and Eyes Set to Kill. I am a hardcore Dubstep fan and I'm really into K-Pop.

    I like a huge variety of stuff and I'm pretty picky about it. I don't HATE everything that comes on top 20 radio, but a lot of it is so horribly generalized that I can't with any amount of self-respect relate to it without feeling like I've recently gotten dumber. I'm not saying that about ALL top 20-40, just effing most of it.

    I like Trentemoller, Zero 7, Frou Frou, Cascada and Imogen Heap. Deeper, Dancier stuff. I've always been a Manson Fan and I can always get down to some Mindless Self Indulgence, but sometimes I wanna be happy and dance around. lol

    If you're looking to expand, here's a list of songs you ought to check out. I'm not saying you'll enjoy all of them, but they're worth a listen even just to find out you're not into them.

    1. Deftones - Engine No. 9
    2. Deftones - Diamond Eyes (this will give you a look at the variety of their music)
    3. Team Sleep - Our Ride to the Rectory
    4. Eyes Set to Kill - Risen
    5. Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
    6. Skrillex - First of the Year (Equinox)
    7. Vaski - Might Like You Better
    8. 2NE1 - I'm the Best
    9. Trentemoller - Moan
    10. Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line
    11. Zero 7 - Home
    12. Frou Frou - Let Go
    13. Cascada - Fever
    14. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
    15. Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up

    Like I said, you probably won't like all of it, but that's a pretty good mixture of stuff I'm into right now
  9. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Thanks much! I'll look into them. Honestly, I am kind of a fan of some dubstep, but I only like some of Bassnectar and this one song from Excision, live from Shambhala I think...

    Don't be ashamed to bash mainstream; it's total crap. Seriously. I wish teens and such could get into real music instead of listening to Kesha's drunken adventures, you know?
  10. LifestyleLittleCandi's Avatar
    Yeah. It's always gotten on my nerves... the way humans don't get tired of hearing the same garbage a million times in a row... Not only do they not get tired of it, they get SUPER PUMPED when it is played, like they haven't heard it in forever, when in reality, they haven't heard it since before the last commercial break. IMO, adults are even worse than teens when it comes to that.

    I learned about Tool when I was in ninth grade. I've been hooked ever since. sooo, teens can't be all that bad when it comes to music selection
  11. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Not at all! Just a pretty good majority of them are The only artist I think writes from original feelings (although they're rather...offensive at times) is Lady Gaga. But she does have SOME good messages though!

    I found Tool sometime in the past year and I'm very glad I did, as an avid music-listener and a musician (Danny Carey is a GODLY drummer). I was curious about them because I heard their name in Meshuggah videos quite often, so I looked them up. First song I heard was Schism. I think that's the best way to find out about them; it's easily their best song, they even got a Grammy award for it!

    If you like really intense screamo and like Tool's technicality, I'd suggest Meshuggah. You will probably not like them at all initially (NO one ever does), but you grow into it after a while. They're incredibly good! They're a close second to Tool in my book.
  12. LifestyleLittleCandi's Avatar
    I love Meshuggah. I haven't heard anything by them in a reallly long time though. I kinda forgot about them for a while. I've been doing a lot of moving and growing in the past year and left a lot of what I used to do in my past (one of those things being drug addiction), and with those things went some of the music I used to listen to. It's nice to dig them up once in a while. Thanks

    One of my former favorites is Primus. I don't listen to them anymore because I used to listen to them all the time when I was high. I can't really enjoy them now because when I try to, I only think about how badly I want to do drugs. It doesn't do great things for my recovery...

    I'm slowly getting over mental blocks like that, but it takes the ability to listen to old favorites and apply them to new experiences in order to do so successfully. For instance, my Mommy doesn't like Primus and I don't spend a lot of time away from her, so there's not much of an opportunity to safely enjoy listening to them in an environment where they can be applied to a new, healthy experience.

    On the same token, my Mommy loves Tool just as much if not more than I do, and we listen to them all the time together. Our tastes in music are almost identical, which is awesome. I've had a lot of great times with her and we're always rocking awesome tunes in the background. <3 That's how it works for me. I'll leave the past lie in the past for now.
  13. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Oh, I'm sorry...I had no idea. I didn't mean to bring up such a difficult topic..

    Well if it makes you feel any better, they're coming out with a new album in March next year. You can listen to their greatness while starting anew at the same time hehe

    I understand what you mean though. I'll be careful not to ever bring it up anytime in the future. I hope that modification of feelings you get while listening to old favorites goes well; you seem like you'd like to get back into them!
  14. LifestyleLittleCandi's Avatar
    aww, thanks, but you don't need to tiptoe around stuff with me. I have really strong recovery. I've been clean for over 9 months without any slip-ups. It's definitely not a difficult topic for me, just difficult for me to enjoy some of the things I used to. There's a lot of music that is working its way back into my repertoire slowly

    That's great that they have a new album coming out I'll check it out - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.