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Buying My first Pack

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I wrote this in a Thread, i feel i need to Archive it.

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Today i finally decided to man up and finally buy some diapers, i got the house for myself for the weekend and for the first time in Years i could have some time to try diapers.

I had been planing this day for many weeks, i've scouted the areas near my neighborhood to look for some stores, i had everything planed... but, life, life always surprise us -__-. When i arrived at the first shop on my "Possible places to buy diapers" List, for my bad luck, the cashier was a cute girl around my age, and suddenly i lost all my confidence and i couldn't ask her if she sold diapers (Because here in my country, there are little shops that sell things like batteries and diapers, for pieces, you don't have to buy the whole pack [I don't have a place to hide a whole pack ] )so i just bought a soda instead ^_^".

I went to the second option, a convenience store, there i saw few days ago, a pack with only 3 diapers, they won't fit me but i could use them as stuffers. So i went to that store and for my bad luck, i found a... family friend (i think it's called like that) and he greeted me so i had to speak for a while with him, so naturally all my hopes to buy my pack suddenly faded, and if it couldn't get worse, i found in the very same store a friend of mine!, i carefully planned weeks ago to avoid incidents like these! but all my plans got crushed by luck/fate.

That incident broke my morale, i went to the third and fourth shop on my list but i just couldn't buy them for fear, fear of someone that i knew suddenly Showed up, so i decided to return home, very deppresed. I think i'll give it another shot late tonight or early tomorrow. Meh....
OH GOD! I DID IT! i got my first pack of diapers!! I'M SO HAPPY!

My first time story now:

With the failure of the mission in the morning of 01/09/11, i decided to give it another try, i was literaly shaking, i was to embarased to even imagine what would i do when i get there. So i drank a little of whisky to try to get some courage, because i lost it all in the morning failure, well it worked a little, when night falled, with the help of a shroud of Darkness and black clothes to blend with the night, i departed to my next mission.

I planned to go to stores very far away from my zone, so i could avoid encounters with people i know, but for my bad luck no bus arrived, so i decided to walk to the same spots where i failed in the morning, it was a long walk, but i noticed that they were a LOT of Drugstores nearby, i counted 3 or 4 stores when i scouted in the day, but today i saw Over 9000 places where i could buy diapers, my mood changed and my courage went up, i can do it! i said to myself.

Well turns out that i couldn't, when i went nearby one of the lot of shops there, i suddenly felt panic, it was near a Mall where a lot of people i know go, and in saturday it was crowded, so i just kept walking and walking and walking, for 1 and a half hours, walking in circles, waiting for the moment any store emptied and i could grab my pack.

Finally i said, fuck it, i'm gonna do it! and then... i happened again, a friend greeted me in the entrance of the shop, i was in shock, so after some time talking, he finally left, but my courage went down again, so the stores i planned to visit nearby the mall inmediatly went out of the list.

I kept walking, and returned to the drug store filled street, and suddenly and idea appeared on my head, i would send a text to my on cellphone creating a fake contact(sorry if it not the right word) in my phone called "mom"; i did it, i send a text when i was nearby the store and when i entered i was pretending to be reading my phone, suddenly i did it, with a little nervous tone in my voice but i did it, i asked the attendant for diapers, for my bad luck AGAIN!, thet didn't had diapers that fit me or the size of the pack i wanted (i read the text to the woman, i wrote in it that i wanted specificaly the largest size of baby diapers in a small pack), disaster and more disaster... But, i noticed, "Hey, this isn't so bad, maybe it was the text i send, but i didn't felt that awkard, Lets do it again!.

So i did, i asked in EVERY SINGLE drugstore i found, but i didn't found anything that fulfilled my needs, i was angry so i said to mysels: FUCK IT, i'm not gonna go without diapers i don't care anymore. So i returned to the stores near the mall, it was a convenience store, the one that i failed in the morning, i was tired, thirsthy, so i got in, grabbed a bottle of water, and a chocolate bar also a 3 pack of Extra large baby diapers, i walked to the counter confident, i paid for my stuff, hell i even argued with the guy about the special offer of getting 2 packs of diapers for the price of one (i saw it on the door before entering), i didn't got my second pack, and i thank that, i can't hide that many diapers, BUT I DID IT, i wasn't hard, i will of course do it again (when i get a chance to be alone again -__- ), it's not that hard when you actually do it, well yes i had good luck, no one cared that i bought diapers, the little girl with her mom didn't even stared at me, the clerk was professional, didin't say a thing or stared at me strangely.

That's my story, first time in 13 years i got a diaper and hell im so happy, gonna enjoy them to the fullest these days , i actually decided to give it another shot after reading some stories here in ADISC, so i have to thank all the site, this site is superb!!!

So soft, that wonderfull smell of a Nappy, that crinkle ^_^!

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