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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

I'm Not So Fond Of...

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... Hiccuping, however.

Yes, following my last blog 'I Rather Like...', I have concluded I rather dislike hiccuping.

It hurts. And it feels as though my lungs have exploded each time.

It's also frustrating - "Talk talk talk *HICCUP* talk talk talk..." ARGH!

What makes it worse is when someone else is laughing at you. This, in turn, makes me laugh - thus fuelling the bastard hiccups further.

They're clearly the Devil's work and I shall have no more of them.

Hiccups! I BANISH you from this house! BE GONE TORTURED DEMONS, BE GONE!


  1. Tezzeh's Avatar
    Ironically, today in italian another student had the hiccups, where at the end of each one it sounded like she was about to have an asthma attack (the sound when you breathe in in the middle of one). For 20 minutes the teacher was laughing, the students were laughing, she was laughing, making it worse, and it just kept getting fueled, while she said in between hiccups "Stop laughing, it's embarrassing, and you're making me life which makes it worse. Just stop, it's not funny", followed by her laughing...just went in a 20 minute circle..funny you brought it up today.
  2. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    LOL that's pretty much what happens to me most times! People find it funny that I can't actually ask them to stop laughing at me hiccuping, because it's making me laugh which is making me hiccup!
    Glad I'm not the only one, though! Thanks!
  3. KTBFFH's Avatar
    I actually know a pretty good cure I learned at nursing school: You have to stand up and lift your left arm up into the air above your head and at the same time drink some still water. It's always worked so far and with this weird movement of your arm you're relaxing the midriff (I hope that's the right word) which is responsible for the hiccuping. Hope this helps!
  4. quattrus's Avatar
    I think drinking some still water is generally considered the best way to stop hiccuping, however, also filling your lungs and holding your breath seems to work for me. Using either one of these two methods, I usually get rid of the annoying hiccup in less than one minute, I'd simply go crazy if I were to hiccup for 20 minutes!!

    Once I read on some newspaper that the guinness for hiccuping is held by someone who hiccuped non-stop for some years ! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.