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Post office!

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So today I ventured outside of my apartment with a diaper on. At first I wore just a tranquility, but when I got to my parking garage I was ready for a full on wetting. Soaked the little thing, so I decided to go back upstairs and change.

This time I changed into an Attends waistband brief with an ultra booster (just in case )

So I'm super stoked, and no one even suspects anything, its wild, especially for those who know about attends waistband briefs. They are easily one of the most crinkly diapers I have ever worn. I think it excites me when I can hear in drink out loud in front of other people.

So anyway, I went to the post office to mail back a broken piece of computer equipment to have it repaired by the manufacturer.

I walk in and I grab one of those "if it fits it ships" boxes. I try to measure all the different sizes out to see what is best. I'm like one of two people at the post office since its the middle of the day, and the clerk is just looking at me like I'm the dumbest person ever because I can't figure out how to select the right box.

He then interjects and says it will be cheaper to ship it in a padded envelope. So I fill out the envelope only to realize that it may not be padded enough (wow I'm just getting the irony of that now).

So then he says I can just fit it into a box and he won't charge me extra for the envelope. However, this time I use a big black marker to fill out the addresses. The FROM part goes fine, but since the company gave me very specific instructions for their address and I don't have enough room to write it.

He then suggests, because I had a computer print out with the address on it, that I cut it out of the paper and tape it on there (DUH!). Why I couldn't think of this on my own in this moment is a mystery to me. I was probably so concentrated on my diaper that I was a little slow in doing other activities.

Regardless, I finally got it shipped after waddling around the post office for 20 minutes more than I should have. I hope someone noticed my diaper. I did get a few looks from people who came in and out through my long shipping process, but they could've just been looking at me because of my unorthodox roundabout methods LOL.

All in all it was a great experience. I didn't even want to come home, and I found part of me wanting to be caught by someone....ahhh what a far.

P.S. I ride a motorcycle, and riding with a diaper on is simply...AMAZING!

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