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A wearing journey

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I've just got back home from visiting my recently widowed mother. I should perhaps feel a little ashamed that that wasn't the primary reason for my visit: while my father was dying, we were driving home from the hospital when another driver drove out into the road. I put my foot down to try and get past, but the driver hit the back of my car and I ended up in the ditch.

I've since spent a fair amount of time arguing with my insurance company. If ever you decide to drive abroad and you see that they are claiming to provide "comprehensive cover" - do not believe them. They wouldn't find me an approved repairer, nor stand me a courtesy car, nor arrange for me to go home and repatriate the car. The final insult was that having been told the car was ready, they said it would be difficult for them to make a payment transfer, and if I wanted to collect the car I'd have to pay upfront myself!

It was a long drive north to the ferry, so I decided that I would wear. There being no obvious place to get Bambinos or the like, I resorted to a pack of supermarket own-brand adult nappies (Absodys, sold by Carrefour). I was rather impressed. They still have a plastic backing rather than cloth effect, and they didn't leak once, not even when I flooded them. At about 11 euros for a pack of 20 (the only downside: I'd have preferred a smaller pack) that is not bad going.

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