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After I had my baby, I never wanted to wear a diaper again. I had no desires for them anymore. I thought I had outgrown my fetish for good and it was gone. I figured maybe I had grown up so I got tired of it because I was a mother now.

Then eight months later, the desires started to come back. I started to crave them again because I felt like wearing again. I thought about if I should start wearing them again or not and a week later, I noticed I had gotten my very first period since March 2010. No wonder I was craving them. My husband says the diapers are my sex drive because it's sexual for me.

So I have been wearing them again at home often and I have been having him diaper me and change me. But he always wants sex too because it turns him on. I am not all that into sex but he wants it so badly. While I like cloth because it saves money, my husband likes disposables so he puts them on me. I would also like him to buy me some too. Plus I need more plastic pants anyway because the ones I have are stiff and they feel uncomfortable on me. They feel scratchy. I have been wearing a pair that is still soft and not stiff so they feel comfortable on me.

I guess my fetish never really went away and it was just on hiatus. As my friend has told me, fetishes come and go. I am enjoying them now until my son gets too old for me to be walking around in them with nothing over them and having no privacy. He might start snooping and find diapers in my room and maybe feel them on me if he touches me down there. Small kids are so unpredictable.

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