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Padded again after over 2 years

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To start off, I want to chronicle what brought me to this point. The last time I wore diapers(and the first time I bought them) was over two years ago. looking back, it was much easier then. I lived alone. I was thirty miles from my nearest family member. I basicly was living the life of a hermit as I had no friends and never once spoke to my neighbors.

This time around I am living with my father. My mother lives in the trailer next to us. Originally she was with my father and I lived next door but when the fighting started back up I offered to switch. I actually talk to some of my neighbors now and most are very nosy.

I could have listed a thousand reasons not to go out this morning. I threw them all out the wind and got on my bike at 7:15 this morning and rode to the local CVS. I've only had my bike for a couple months and didn't buy a backpack yet so that was the first thing I went looking for. However, they were all sold out so after a quick walk down the IC aisle I left empty handed. There was no way I was buying without something to carry them in in.

Luckily I saw that the family dollar was just opening down the block. I got a backpack, went back to CVS, and picked up a pack of large maximum absorbency Depends. I rode home and got them in the house with no problem. Later, when I was doing the monthly grocery shopping for the house, I picked up a pacifier and two containers of baby wipes(one for me and one for cleaning up my father). I made sure I bought them at a different store. I figure buying them separate would be less suspicious than buying both baby and elderly products together.

Which leads me to tonight. After my father laid down for the night I decided to try one on. When I looked at what I bought, I realized that what I wore before were adult underwear and not diapers. After referring back to the article about putting on a diaper several times and ripping 3 diapers(Large just barely fits my body frame) in the process I finally pulled out the duct tape.

I think I'll finish up here. Right now I am at the most peace with myself that I have ever been in my life.

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