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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

Being A Wimp...

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... Yes, a wimp. A coward, a yellow-belly, a wuss, a 'fraidy-cat - all of those things.

This is my coming-out story.

Today I had a haircut, and at a stylists instead of a barbers. It cost me fourteen pounds instead of six. I wasn't at all happy with the end-result, but I paid my money and walked home, grumbling about it the whole day.

A few hours later, an acquaintance rang me regarding my progress at University. Once I had explained that it wasn't good, she proceeded to overpower me with help, support and patronising words to the effect of: "We'll get you through it, I can feel good things for you Dan". Once again, I didn't say a thing and simply said 'thank you' a lot.

I'm aware there is a certain 'Britishness' in this behaviour and it's frustrating. I wish I was the kind of person who would stand up and challenge things.

*half-hearted, muttered grrr*


  1. quattrus's Avatar
    Well, first of all let me say that both barbers and stylists are cheaper where you live than they are over here. I normally pay 15 euros for a haircut, but when a couple of years ago I went with my BF to a supposedly trendy hair stylist in Milan city, I spent 76 euros (!!!!!) for two haircuts, and one hair dying for him. And none of us were completely satisfied with the result. Now I even spare the 15 euros for the barber, as I cut my hair myself with a hair clipper!

    I think your behaviour is simply due to a mix of kindness towards others and a love for quiet living. It normally leads to be positively perceived by others, although - as you say - it causes frustration. I honestly don't know if that's better or worse than being annoyingly pedantic and overly-outspoken as I most of the times am, which for sure doesn't leave me with many unsaid words to complain about, but sometimes makes other people think I've got the tact of an elephant in a crystal ware. Probably, virtue lies in the middle.
  2. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    My god, that is expensive... I'd positively weep if I spent that much! Though this is the price you pay for 'trendiness'...

    Having said that, I don't think I'd ever succeed in cutting my hair myself. Hand/eye co-ordination is definitely not one of my strongest points!

    I think your analysis is probably right - I like the quiet life and rarely kick up a fuss about anything. But this only really ends up making me feel like a doormat! *slightly more substantial grrr*

    I think it's about time I least tried to be a little more proactive! And so I shall, beginning tomorrow... Heralding the dawn of a new day...

    ... Yeah, you get the point!
  3. irataliw's Avatar
    I think Dan is right. We sometimes mistake being kind with being taken advantage of. I am the same way and find it difficult to kick up a fuss. This is cowardice to face conflict and stand up for yourself.

    I commend your spirit, Dan! Don't let anyone take advantage of you!
  4. BabyArtie's Avatar
    I sympathise. People in authority in the UK have taken advantage of this; the attitude of we have a zero-tolerance policy towards aggression directed towards our staff (which of course can be interpreted any way they like) leaves the poor British subject cowed and struggling for a voice.

    It also doesn't help that honest answers to the question How are you? are not encouraged - unlike in many other cultures.


  5. ade's Avatar
    maybe it's a class thing? i give honest answers and i certainly tell people if their stuff's crap. that's not to say that i haven't been caught out and left gobsmacked. and that includes one time at a new [to me] barbers. it was my own fault for falling asleep in the chair, though. and i was only 16. i was like, "shit! i've got to walk through the village like this! :O"
    anyways, lessons learned, i cut my own hair nowadays with clippers from Asda.
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