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535 and Skype

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Well a while ago my sister shower me this band saying that they were really horrible and that they were just a bunch of 6 year olds trying to sing, but I found that they were REALLY good.

there myspace: [url=] - 535 - ORLANDO, Florida - Rock -[/url]

They def are a very good band especially for their age, and by the time they actually get more into there teens and start to hit puberty lol XD, I wouldn't be surprised to see them as one of the top bands in the country maybe even bigger.

The best part is that they started here in Florida in a city about 15 minutes away from me XD. They are going to perform a lot at Hard Rock at Universal apparently, and I might actually go to see one of there shows.

I don't exactly the lyrics in there music, but I'm hoping that by the time that they hit puberty they will sound good XD.

Also I just had my first skype convo with Adiscers =D it was AWSOME XD. We talked about everything.

It was very enjoyable we had loads of people on, but we need more, but I think we need a vent server, they have much better sound quality and options.

Other stuff going on:

I'm writing my first script for a youtube video, I've started coming with idea's but I can't start writing the real thing until I can get Word working again....

I talked about Tyler Oakley in my old post, but he is my official favorite on youtube now =D. He's SOOOOOO funny yet has AMAZINGLY good points at the same time. you guys really need to check him out [url=]YouTube - tyleroakley's Channel[/url]

Um.... hrmmm what else.... urghhh i dunno what else... I feel like I have to say something but I dunno what...

OOO I know, I just made a new Guitar hero online username for public use not just to paly with friends, and I have my profile page on the thingy place... [url=]Guitar Hero Community - Rockers - Samaki94[/url] i think is the url...

Um I think that's it... anything else?? no guess not =D

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