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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...


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... Can I help you?

Jesus, nosey much...!?!

(Sod off SpellCheck, it totally has an 'e' in it - the internet says so!)

Trolling? No.
Flaming? See above.
Spamming? Meh. Not really.
Pointless? Almost certainly.

Almost... But not quite!

A blog is, after all, a form of self-expression - thus, this is how I am feeling. Random... Nonsensical... And ever so annoyed.

In spite of these separate emotional elements, I have nothing worth sharing with you. Instead, I shall dare you - double-dare you - in fact, I double-double-dare you - to comment below.

I will accept all forms of abuse, condescension and wit - shoe sizes are of particular interest to me - but I don't take Mastercard. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

In the meantime - indeed, in the meanest of time - there is a breeze inside my mind which I can only assume to be a 'thought' and it calls me to lie down in some manner. You may find me, therefore, 'planking' on a doorstep of some description.


  1. CrypticTaco's Avatar
    What about...


    ....triple dare? o:
  2. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Isn't a double-double-dare, kind of like a quadruple-dare? Which, if it is, would trump a triple-dare anyway?
  3. acorn's Avatar
    [QUOTE=DanDanSuperman;bt21499]Isn't a [I]double-double-dare[/I], kind of like a [I]quadruple-dare[/I]? Which, if it is, would trump a [I]triple-dare[/I] anyway?[/QUOTE]You should not bottle up your feelings, it is healthier to vent them in a controlled way, instead.
    PS. Do try to keep in mind when replying, to keep it PG rated. If that is a bridge too far, may I suggest a PM instead.
  4. irataliw's Avatar
    ok, random

    and on topic
  5. Talula's Avatar

    I feel oblidged to post a silly video, but I'm not that hot on silly videos... So instead I've posted you a link to this site which will provide you with lots of funny videos to step into the breach caused by my failure to keep up to date with internet culture!

  6. BabyArtie's Avatar
    Have you tried Half Man Half Biscuit?

  7. DanDanSuperman's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyArtie
    Have you tried Half Man Half Biscuit?

    I have and he was delicious.
  8. BerkoBear's Avatar
    1) Wibble.

    3) 10


    P.S. Why do they call it PMS? Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken!
  9. Ronbeast's Avatar
    It is because of this site that I see a bright future for mankind: Instant No Button! Star Wars funnies FTW! . I hope this helps add to this nonsensical blog! Oh yeah! My shoe size is an adults 14 in U.S sizing. Also, I do not have a credit card, therefore I don not have a mastercard.

  10. Chrisb's Avatar
    I suggest you journey across a distant desert plant to the Quentulus Quazgar Mountains to read the following message, written in huge letters of enternal fire:

    We apologise for the inconvenience - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.