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Knight Recommends: Lucky Seven

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Yo! (I'm trying out new openings for this thing. That one do anything for anybody?)

This week I'm recommending two, yes, TWO movies!

First up is:

Friends With Benefits

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Now I know what you're thinking, "Justin Timberlake, what a queer!", and to that I tell you that that is highly uncool. Even if JT were gay, that certainly isn't something to dislike him for. Besides, he's totally hilarious and pretty cute, which I can say because I'm comfortable with my sexuality.

ANYWAY, this movie is really funny and sorta sweet, but it's mostly just funny. Justin Timberlake meets the adorable Mila Kunis in New York and they become friends and then a short time later they decide to bang. The pair makes the choice to have sex without emotion and then some other stuff happens. Are you looking up where you can watch this movie yet? No? Would it help if I told you it has Woody Harrelson in it? What if I said it also has the son from Modern Family in it? ...What do you mean you've never seen Modern Family?! *sigh* Alright, watch this movie and then look up Modern Family and watch some episodes of that. You're welcome in advance!

The second movie I recommend is:

Three and Out

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This is a British movie, which unless it has Jason Statham or was directed by Guy Richie would usually mean I'd pass on it, however it was on Netflix Streaming the other night and I had nothing better to do, so there you go.

The movie is about a guy that drives a subway train and hits two people in the same month. He hears from his co-workers that if you hit three people in a month the company cashes you out, meaning they give you ten years salary all at once and bid you good day. So, our protagonist sets out to find someone to jump in front of his train so he can get paid. It's pretty funny, and in my opinion I haven't led anyone astray yet with my recommendations, so you should check it out.

That's it, enjoy my picks and I'll see you all later!

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