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Random Thoughts and Ramblings from a WrinkleyCrinkley

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This will be my first attempt at a blog, so I have no idea where this particular journey is going to take me, but you are welcome to come along for the ride.

16 Sept 2011

At some point I will add my personal story to this , but apparently I'm limited to 1000 characters and it's over 44000 long.

I found Adisc quite by accident a few months ago, liked what I saw and joined up. It's probably the best site I have found for everything ab/dl related, the support is fairly overwhelming, but what is really appealing is the lack of spam, flare wars and all out fantasists, who don't really belong on what I would call a serious site.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe Adisc is perfect, and recent dealings with some of the mods has left me somewhat dismayed and annoyed, But I shall take that up with them. On the whole they do a really good job and help make Adisc what it is.

Currently I have an online virtual ab son who is away in London for a wedding, so while I have the chance I am writing him a few bedtime stories with his favourite character in them (himself).

I don't know how often I shall add to this, but I will try to keep it structured, although that would be a first for me as my thoughts tend to bounce around so I rabbit on about all sorts of apparently unconnected things.



Came across this song from another site, I think it sums things up for a lot of us:

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