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Knight Recommends: Sinister Six

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Alright kiddie's, this week I am recommending a comic book. I know some people just clicked the 'back' button after reading that, but F them. :P I'm not coming to you with a book about Roided out superheroes or space battles or anything in the realm of the fantastical, rather I come to you with a book about murder and adultery. Maybe I have your attention again, hmm?

Criminal: The Last of the Innocent
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This book is only four issues long, and it's totally worth the money. The writing is amazing in it and the art style goes from a very dark paintbrush style when the book is dealing with the present, and then switches to a delightful Archie-esque style when characters are reminiscing.

As I said, the book deals with mature subject matter like drugs, murder, adultery, but at its core it really does tell a wonderfully gripping tale. Whether you're new to comics or you've been a lover of them for a long time, I think this book would be excellent to check out if you like darker more gritty stories.

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Love Invader Zim? Then check out Jhonen Vasquez's comic series Squee! (Jhonen created both of them, as well as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac)

'Squee!' is about a boy that has a lot of weird and awful things happen to him, and he has wild fantasies, but mostly just awful things happen to him. This book has crazy written all over it, from aliens to future selves, from child sized dust mites to Devil spawn, this book has it all. Read this book and tell me you don't want to hug the crap outta this kid, and I'll eat my computer.

Thanks for your time! Now stop picturing me naked and get back to work!

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