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ABalex no more???

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(DISCLAIMER: NOTTA 'im quittin adisc' or 'no longer a abdl' blog)

So here it goes... Blog time!

Colts Lost... BAD! (that sucks)

I finally accepted that i am a furry (that's cool)

And because of these two things. I need a new avatar. (that's i dunno... interesting i guess)

I am also thinking of changing my username to better reflect my new found furriness. BTW... i wanted to be a little more original, so guess what? I'm not a WOLF or a DOG or even a FOX... Nope!

I'm a Monkey. So if ABalex with the cute little Colt's Stewie Avatar disappears soon. Watch for a new Alex.

I don't know exactly what my fursona looks like yet, and i dunno what my new nickname will be yet. But i will still be the same Alex some have come to know and love and others despise (Just kidding, i don't think anyone here despises me. At least i hope not. If you do PM me and let me know. We can work it out :P)


Updated 12-Sep-2011 at 09:55 by LilMonkeyAlex

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  1. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    I shall miss Stewie when he goes

    But I shall have to go away and ponder on whether I love you or despise you... That's a tricky one... Hmm...

    Congratulation, though, on your new furryness! I shall save up all my bananas to throw them at your new monkey face
  2. Asher's Avatar
    I watched that Colts game. I am SO sorry! :( I really hope that Peyton recovers from his neck surgery quick! The NFL is so different now; with Detroit beating Tampa and everything, who knows what's to come? O_o

    Monkeys are super original! Thumbs up!

  3. Tezzeh's Avatar
    Welcome to the furry side, my friend >:3

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