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5 Bits of Advice That Don't Make Sense Until It's Too Late |
I wish I had this list when I was a teenager. This would have helped a lot. Except #1. I was that geek who stayed home and did geeky things.
#5. Butterflies in the Stomach is Not Love
#4. Learn How to do Stuff Around the House, You'll Need It
#3. Pay Attention in Writing Classes, It Turns Out You Need Them
#2. Going to a Counselor Doesn't Mean You're Crazy
#1. Stop and Figure Out How Much Partying You Can Handle


  1. Ronbeast's Avatar
    I'm almost 19 and I still need all of this stuff. It took a year of messing up for me to realize that I do need to grow up and work hard if I want to make something of myself. Wow, this list really is a guideline that should be followed..

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