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revenge of the wife / mother nature's monthly gift

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So i will admit this was a little more my idea than the wife's, but she has taken it up with an evil smile and a promise to follow through..

So next time she gets her period, i get a catheter put in. It comes out when her period is over..
you see, she experiences and has to deal with uncontrollable 'leaking' for a good.. what 5-10 days depending.. So while she is out of commission (sex), and having to deal with that, why cant the same thing apply to me?
So now I also get to experience uncontrollable 'leaking', albeit a little higher volume. But just like she has no choice or option to simply stop her period, I also will have no choice or opportunity to remove the catheter. I will simply have to deal with the situation, and live in diapers 24/7 for as long as her period lasts.

(exceptions of course being anything medical, infection, or otherwise. I have been playing with caths for a while now, but i still do realize the danger of a UTI, and showing any symptoms of that would require immediate removal of the cath. Risk Aware Consent Knowledge - RACK. )

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