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Well not much has been happening lately, I finally beat TTFAF on hard, I could do it for a while now just haven't has a lot of time...

I found out about Tyler Oakley, and LOVE him he's so funny, I also found out about Mathew Lush and I Lush him XD.

They are both really cool people I like Tyler the best though, I was on his stick am for a while with about 100 other people just talking to him for like 20 minutes and that was enjoyable.

Talking about stickam, I just found out about, it's pretty cool and I made a profile and I dunno if I'm going to start video or not, and no sorry I won't be posting up the link to my profile anytime soon =( I still haven't even posted a pic of myself let alone have live video chat with you guys, no offence, but I'm still trying to keep very personal, plus I'm posting the link on my myspace and I dunno if you guys should know my friends XD

There was something else I wanted to tell you guys I just can't remember what it is =(... maybe I'll edit later and tell you guys.

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