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I'm super pleased with how well my active time on DA is going. I've joined some AB groups and submitted some of my stories to them as well as some photos of myself and my animals and Mommy. So far everyone has been super cool and the feedback I've received has been positive. I've got some watchers which is nice, and I've had a chance to see some really great artwork and let people know how awesome I think they are.

It's very funny to me how much of a "fanboy" I become when I see someone on there who's work I recognize or that I've enjoyed in the past and I can't help but gush all over them and lavish them with praise. I'm sure some of those people think that I'm some kind of stalker or something the way I skulk around their gallery and favorite their work, but I genuinely believe in expressing my heartfelt appreciation for someone doing nice work.

The other funny thing is when I come across a "celebrity" in the AB/TB/Furry community and I comment that I like something of their's and they comment back like a normal person. It's stupid because they totally are a normal person, but some of these people were people that I admired when I first started visiting AB forums, and some of them were what spurred me to start writing stories of my own. To have someone like that acknowledge a comment that I gave them or even better, say something nice about something that I had created, well that just makes me swoon and go all warm and fuzzy.

Like I said, I know these people are just people, but I've built them up in my mind as this deity within our community and it blows my mind when they come down from their clouds and turn out to be really nice people. It's just funny to me.

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