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Goodbye Kitties....

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Sigh.... My brother and father came up this weekend to get my cats and bring them to Tennessee where they will live. My fiance no longer has to worry about her allergies and I no longer have to worry about cat hair on ... well everything. Still, I miss them like crazy. I keep having these moments where I see them in my house and then say to myself, "No, they aren't here anymore." I open my door and look down to see them greet me and then my heart sinks as I realize they are no longer there. I look to the corner where their cat tree stood and it feels so empty... just like me... empty...

Still, I gave them up for something much better, a wife and the love of my life so it is a passing sadness. I am sure after January I will not mind so much because I will be coming home to my wife, but till then the house feels empty.

Also, Khaki pants are BAD when you have a horrible leak. I pulled down my plastic pants and *Splash* it got all over the back of my pants. I had to splash it with water to hopefully dilute the smell because I have a class I am teaching tonight, aaaaand I am trying to find a new place to change in the mid-afternoon now as classes for kids start up this week, so I can't just go to the bathroom to change. I guess I need to plan a change every day around three and just go home if I want to be sure of privacy... The last thing I want is some kid to find me changing my diaper and then spreading that ALL OVER the place. So, while annoying, I will just deal...

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