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Treehouse Update, along with other stories updates, along with general updates.

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Status of Treehouse story: The first episode is about halfway through with editing, having mostly focused on grammar and other errors. I'm very happy with how the first half of the story came out, and I changed it very little.

The second half is another story, I rushed it, and it hits my head like a woodpecker every single time I read the latter half, so that will take a long time to edit. Expect the second half to be different word wise if you ever read it, the plot shall remain the same.

As for the second part of Treehouse, I'm already at work fleshing out the general plot and direction. There will be more focus on Chad and Erica relationship in this story, so expect more diapers if you wanted to see it, although diapers will still play a small part in Treehouse in general.

Expect the second part of Treehouse to come out when I finished editing the first half, and when the Magical Land of Disney is done.

Magical Land of Disney: I'm a little behind on this story, but I'm working on it bit by bit every night. MLoD will be very short, compared to Treehouse, expect only 9 or so chapters tops.

Also, the reason I'm writing MLoD is to get the darn story out of my head. It's been floating around for the past three years doing nothing, so I'm putting the dam thing on paper. It's a simple story, and not orginal when you look at TB/DL fiction as a whole, but I wanted to make a simple diaper story, so there it is.

Also, I don't know when I'll have time to fit this story in, put I am working on a third story as well, called "Casting Even More asparagus."

To give you a brief outline, (for all two of you who actually read this blog, but meh, I have a soapbox and I'm using it dammit) our main character is taking his pet ferret to the vet, when he is teleported to another plane of existence by a jester. He wakes to a new world filled with air pirates, an evil empire, and the economical forces of a hyper-pyramid scheme. Thrown into a massive conflict, our main guy finds out he can speak the language of magic, and use it's powers to get back home.

Sounds cliche yes, but it is a comedy. I'll be making fun of several trends in fantasy stories, and if I can pull it off right, TB/DL stories too.

For now though, I have some studing to do for my major Biology exam, I must be able to classify the difference between an Euglena, and Archea. (I'm screwed, meh.)

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