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Back from Camp Feral! (the 14th)

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Made it back from Camp Feral! (B-Movie themed). It was quite a blast again!

I did a lot more this year than I did last year; melee, predator vs. prey, stayed at the dance longer...

Met more people this time as well. Being shy still doesn't help :P

There were a few odd encounters of course, but nothing out of the ordinary. Of course drank every night while we were there (go alcoholism? - joking :3). But I didn't drink to the point I was -too- drunk, except at the dance where I started drinking around 10:00 and I didn't leave the dance or stop drinking until 3:00am but I still felt great!

Apparently I'm extremely 'flaming' acting (maybe I was a bit more while I was there) but hey now! ;D Granted my clothes I was wearing were very 'flaming' as well, and I probably did act a little more flamboyant to usual (I do like flamboyancy for the most part, but only around friends x3). One of the cabin mates (who is hilarious) said a bunch of things to do with him an I being so over the top gay (NeonFire [my boyfriend] actually agrees) that "It's a good thing we aren't swimming in the lake, we would totally boil that water." among other things.

On the way back from Feral! we made our traditional stop at Weber's burgers and I had a -alright- burger and fries. I was less impressed with Weber's this time than last year though. So I decided to have desert as well (Watermelon ice cream) which was amazing. The ice cream actually -looked- like a watermelon; the outside was green and as you ate it the inside was red with small black dots. I found that fully amusing! :3

I got sick on my last day there Have a really bad cold, fever, headache, etc. and it looks like it's the start of laryngitis (I can barely talk). It is quite unpleasant; sitting in an airport for 5 hours with a high fever, freezing like hell, and being sick is the most unpleasant thing I could ever imagine right now. I do feel slightly better now, but I'm also taking medicine :3

Overall I can't wait until next year when not only will I be Feral! bound again, but I'll have my fursuit with me! :3
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