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Primark Footies FTW!

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... Following a tidbit from PCBaby, and a resurgence in desire for new footies, I went to a big(ish) Primark today.

And look what I found...
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I went weak at the knees, I have to confess.

I apologise for the blurriness - this was my third attempt and I was feeling a bit conspicuous. Plus I think the lens in greasy

I only bought the blue one in the middle. Clever me totally forgot what size my other ones are - and forgot to check before I went - so ended up buying two, with the intention of taking the smaller one back. I've now figured out my size, so when I go back I'm buying a couple more!

Anyway... I'm very impressed, I have to say. What a range!


  1. ade's Avatar
    how much, how much?!!!!
  2. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    That sounds very sarcastic... But I'll answer anyway.

    Most were 10 and a couple 12.
  3. MarcusBear's Avatar
    I bought two of the monkey style sleepers. One for myself and a friend. Felt a bit of a tit. Don't think the irony excuse works when you're buying multiple footies. Definitely worth a bit of embarrassment for the price and convenience.

    I spotted a few teens wearing them over the top of the regular clothes in the store.
  4. JoeMiller's Avatar
    I saw that too and the first thing I thought of was that primark was promoting furries
  5. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    That's gonna be my next buy (it has a tail!) - and yes, I had considered the awkwardness of buying multiple footies... There is no real excuse that would work, except maybe fancy-dress for a group of friends... Not looking forward to it, but you've reassured me that it'll be worth it at least!
  6. MarcusBear's Avatar
  7. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Good lord! A red-orange-red combo! How... Out there!
  8. MarcusBear's Avatar
    I wanted a red bandana la Tony the Tiger but none to be found at short notice. Had to compromise. Hehe.
  9. Guineapigged's Avatar
    I have three Primark sleepers from a few years ago, I love them! It's great, because you can wear them and if people ask where you got it you can say "Primark" rather than "the internet", and it looks like you just saw them and wanted them rather than went out deliberately looking.
  10. Ricochet's Avatar
    Not sure whether any of them will fit me, but methinks I may have to go in for another look anyway. The last time I checked was last christmas when they just had them for girls, now they seem to do loads more!
  11. ssobolibats's Avatar
    I've had the tiger one (see avatar, lol) and a green/brown/beige camouflage pattern one for some time, and then a Pac-Man/Space Invaders black one from last winter. Don't think I'll expand my collection beyond that yet. I don't think I'm too fond on the Devil/Monkey new ones, the tail feels a little too 'rigid' and unsubstantial for me.
  12. MrMcAwesome's Avatar
    Sweet jumping jimminy are they back in all stores??? last year i went nuts trying to find them.... mainly because i left it till like december before i started to search.. This year i am totally getting a pair. Good find sir
  13. ade's Avatar
    me, sarcastic?
    anyhow, thanks for the response.
  14. DanDanSuperman's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by ade
    me, sarcastic?
    anyhow, thanks for the response.
    Unthinkable, I know
  15. DanDanSuperman's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by GabeIsWinning
    MetroCentre, mate.
    I'm going back tomorrow.
  16. Ricochet's Avatar
    Remind me never to go to Primark on Oxford Street again. Ever. Again. So packed.

    On the other hand... bought a cute blue one . Doubt it'll fit, but for a tenner it was worth the risk .
  17. DanDanSuperman's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Ricochet
    Remind me never to go to Primark on Oxford Street again. Ever. Again. So packed.

    On the other hand... bought a cute blue one . Doubt it'll fit, but for a tenner it was worth the risk .
    LOL Oxford St? Are you mad!? Course it's gonna be heaving - isn't it, like... The flagship store?

    Mine was blue, too... Does it have babies on the arms etc? And why do you doubt it'll fit? Mine is a bit tight, I'll grant you...

    ... Well done, though! Certainly mustn't grumble, though, for a tenner!
  18. Ricochet's Avatar
    It does fit . Glad I'm losing weight though, as it could do with being slightly looser! Probably gonna go back (but not tomorrow, as it will be mobbed). And yes, the flagship store. It is utterly huge... (and yup, it's the light blue one -- so cute!)

    The checkout guy actually asked if it was for me as well, which was amusing. Checkout people almost never actually ask that. Cue long fleshed out story about joke birthday presents (including what the real birthday present was). Hehe. If that had happened a few years ago I would have been so freaked out!
  19. pajamakitten's Avatar
    After I got my fourth pair of footies last year and realised I had bugger all space left to hide them I swore I wouldn't buy anymore until I had more space. I think I'm about to break that promise...very badly.
  20. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Nooo! Everyone is buying some! And I've run out of money!

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