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soooooo tired

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I am not sure why but I have not been sleeping well lately. I just don't feel rested and am tired during the day. I know I am stressed with keeping the fiance happy and planning the wedding, but I am concerned because the bulk of my work will begin in earnest next week. I need to start drafting lesson plans and keeping on top of my committees to get their events going.

The reason I am worried is because when I am tired is I start to turn forgetful. Thank God I have a calendar on my phone. *Google calendar!!! I luv u, ur my bestest friend!* or I would be making a LOT of mistakes that I cannot afford to make. With the stress of all this it makes me glad I have my diapers. They give me a lot of comfort So does sharing on this forum/blog.

How do you deal with absentmindedness?


  1. Chrisb's Avatar
    That's my strategy as well - when your brain fails you, tech to the rescue!
    Also, I find focusing on one thing, exclusively, at a time helps me maintain productivity when things get hectic.

    He that helps
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    It may seem counterintuitive, but getting back to your exercise program can help. I rarely, make that never, have trouble sleeping on days I'm able to get in a decent workout. Increased circulation can help with mood and memory as well.
  3. irataliw's Avatar
    i have certainly noticed a better mood when working out . Thanks, Maxx
    Chrisb - I try to do that,but often get called away in mid task.... benefit of being second in command.... everyone needs you. sometimes it gets difficult to prioritize
  4. JayJ's Avatar
    >How do you deal with absentmindedness?


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