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So I have been playing around with Catheters recently. I must admit, they can be kinda fun. I got a couple 10 packs of the in-dwelling variety (they have a balloon on the end which is inflated once in your bladder, so they dont slip out again (at least until the balloon is deflated)

So i am currently about 30 hours into my most recent catheter experience. It basically makes you 100% urine incontinent. i am sitting here at my desk, in a fresh diaper, slowly dripping and wetting, all day long. Even when changing, have to be quick/careful, as i am constantly and slowly dripping, so end up dripping urine around the floor when changing my diaper. It greatly enhances the feeling of helplessness to know that right now, at this very instant, i have no choice but to wear my diaper, and if i dont change it frequently enough, i will eventually leak through it.

and on that topic - plastic pants are great!.. a little more annoying to deal with, clean, etc, hotter, maybe not quite as comfortable.. but when i am sitting at my desk all day, i would have had multiple wet spots already if not for the plastic pants. Cause you still get a -bit- of leakage when sitting.. with the pants, it just doesn't go anywhere, and all good.. when sitting on fabric without the plastic however, the fabric wicks the moisture, essentially drawing it out of the diaper, and making quite the wet spot.

Occasionally while i sit here, i can feel a little bit of a trickle, as a few drops runs down on the inside of my diaper, or otherwise... its kinda strange. when you dont have the cath, you are very aware of when you urinate.. and when you aren't urinating, there is nothing going on.. now, there is that constant trickle i have no control over.

Wore cloth and plastic pants to bed last night. two thick liners. The entire thing was soaked and soggy this morning. thank god that wasnt a disposable, or i would have soaked the bed. I woke up quite a few times last night to the damp and heavy feeling of my diaper, so probably not the best sleep in the world, but still good..
If i still have the cath in tonight, i think i will go back to cloth over a disposable. the disposable holds its shape better, and the cloth takes care of any leaks from side sleeping or otherwise.

well.. i think blog post done. would have done a thread, but no discussion here reallly...


  1. crinkleboy93's Avatar
    ive always wanted to try that but i hear u could get an infection or sumthing and its kinda painfull but idk ive wanted to try that fora while
  2. Cherub's Avatar
    I tried a cath before. I had a friend who was also an RN. I only experienced it for about 3 hours. He helped me with it inserting it, then we went to a movie. By the time we got back to his place, I was soaked! And yes, you have ZERO control. You can try to squeeze ( as when you are trying to hold it in), but because of the cath, trying to hold it has no effect. Taking it out wasn't as bad as I thought either. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.