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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

Haha! Fool!

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... I've just spent the best part of two hours with a friend on Skype, swapping Youtube clips of our favourite childhood shows - many of which were the same, and most of which I didn't even remember.

How the conversation got round to that, I have no idea and I don't much care - I was already padded and with paci, so... He unwittingly helped me enjoy one of the best regressions I've had in a long time!

The list of shows, while I remember...
- Rosie&Jim
- Tots TV
- Oakie Doke
- Postman Pat
- Fireman Sam
- Huxley Pig
- Playdays
- Superted
- Bodger and Badger
- Wizadora

... Though most of you won't recognise them (USAians especially). Try and check them out if you're ever bored, though - they're immense. To the UK'ers of the right age to remember at least some of these - talk at me! Share your memories... Which are your favourites?


  1. Talula's Avatar
    Haha I think I'm a touch younger than you, or perhaps didn't watch as much television as you as some of them aren't that familiar! From your list the ones that really stand out for me are: Rosie and Jim, Tots TV (the only French I know came from that programme!), Postman Pat (yeh, the nice ones from back in the day, none of the tosh on TV now!), Fireman Sam, Playdays, Superted and my all time favourite: Bodger and Badger!!

    There was also a Scottish show on which I can't remember the name of, but it was set in Edinburgh, on the St Andrews monument in St Andrews Sq, where the guy lived in the tower and was a pizza delivery boy for Bar Napoli (which is a real pizza restaurant in Edinburgh - yes I went all the time!). Any Scottish out there remember what it was called?
  2. Squirtle's Avatar
    OoooOo, I remember Tots TV. However I didnt really like it that much, infact i thought they were pretty creepy and was generally quite scared of the program
    Bodger and Badger - If i remember isnt that the one that loves mash potato?
    Theres a few on your list that i dont recognize, im now off to google some of these and see if they ring any bells!
  3. Talula's Avatar
    Everybody knows - Badger loves mashed potato!!
  4. Guineapigged's Avatar
    Makes them into shapes and eats them everyday!
    Bodger and Badger, Bodger and Badger, la la la la la, la la la la la!

    Other's I remember fondly:
    Sooty and Co
    Bernard's Watch
    Joshua Jones
    Old Bear
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