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Abena might win me over

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So I have been experimenting between abena m3, molicare super (not plus), and wellness (wellness is an obvious out due to cost) for my daytime diaper.
Many moons ago I tried Abena Xpluses and hated them because they never fit right and when they did the tapes had a tendency to pop off. The M3s I have tried have stayed true to form and not popped, fallen or anything, They held up and fit surprisingly well, well enough that I might give xplus a try again (though I doubt it will beat out my trusty dry 24/7). Anyway, yes, when I am flooding I need to wait a few moments before sitting if I am standing (they do not wick quickly) but they hold up fairly nicely.

The workout advice was nice and I am debating a bike except for a few things (I live in Chicago) like snow getting in the way. Also, my trip to work would take probably 30-45 minutes and that could be trouble if I work up a big sweat and then need to look professional in the office. Plus, there is no bike path, it is all narrow roads and frankly I don't trust the drivers (no sidewalks either though that is technically illegal). Add to that the snow and extreme cold and it does not make for the safest transit in my opinion. I think I will probably end up sticking with purchasing a treadmill.

As for relationship news. both my fiance and I are happy that I have found a home for my cats. My little brother is going to adopt them for us (she is allergic). This means we can spend more time at my place without her turning into a sneezing mess inside of thirty minutes and it also means we can start really cleaning/arranging things the way she would like. Happy Days

Anyway thanks for the read, those who keep up with this


  1. SlowBro's Avatar
    That's good about the cats, but unfortunate about the bike! I can understand the snow, but the sweating is something else. Once you build up the stamina, the sweating isn't half as bad.
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    In the winter, competitive cyclists use a regular bike on a trainer. Even the least expensive ones (like this) are sturdy and effective

    [url=]Ascent Fluid Trainer - Cycling Trainers[/url]

    There is a model with a magnetic resistance unit for $20 less. You mentioned a condo, so I linked to the fluid unit which is somewhat quieter. I use magnetic, and its not all that loud, but its on a concrete floor in my basement There's no possibility of disturbing anyone. Now that I think about it, neither would be any louder than a treadmill. If you go to the store, they probably have one set up you can try.

    If you don't have a bike at all, you can garbage pick one to put on the trainer. All it needs is functional drive train, and a rear wheel with a slick tire. I use an ancient touring bike that's no longer roadworthy. If you do have a bike, the trainer takes up very little space when you take the bike outside.
  3. irataliw's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice Maxx! I will definitely look into that
  4. Chrisb's Avatar
    You know in the snowier parts of Europe it's common for people to use tricycles rather than regular old two wheeled bikes, because of the snow. Perhaps that's an option in Chicago too?
  5. irataliw's Avatar
    Chrisb - Thank you for the advice, but the issue for me more than even the snow is the narrow, dark roads. It is just a recipe for disaster to bike where I work in any inclement weather. I simply do not trust the drivers. And it might have to do with the fact that in my neighborhood growing up, a place where there were bike lanes, 3 separate bike fatalities occurred.

    Also, storing that kind of bike would be a hassle in my condo :P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.