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Knight Night's

*Sigh* Insomnia + Weekend Internet = Boredom

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Here's the deal, I have trouble sleeping. I try to go to sleep and I end up tossing and turning for about an hour and then I get back up in a huff and park myself on the couch with my laptop. During the week this isn't as big a deal because the sites I frequent on the internet update Monday through Friday. The weekend is where it gets dicey. Nothing is updated so I find myself without vanilla sites to peruse and most of the AB community is asleep in the late evening and early morning so I'm boned there as well.

Now, I probably should be doing something useful like writing or some such thing, but I find it hard to muster up the drive to do that. So, I read blogs and post comments in them or I look for stories that haven't gotten many comments and try to do something with those. Sooner rather than later I find myself without anything at all worthwhile to do, so I made a blog post to share that with you.

You know what would be awesome? If some kindly souls had some suggestions for me that would possibly alleviate my boredom. *sigh* Until that happens I suppose I'll go back to reading comics and smoking...maybe I'll get lucky and nicotine will kill me before boredom does. :|

One last thing, maybe it's just my lack of sleep or diminished oxygen to my brain, but it seems like a ton of really good authors don't get the recognition they deserve. Not just on this forum, but FTT, SK, and the ABDL Story Forum all have great stories that get nearly no play while some half formed wank story gets heaps of comments. Granted, not all of the comments are good, but an alarming number of them are. As an author I find this to be extremely disconcerting. I know that quite a bit of my own work goes ignored save for the random fan or the "good job" spammer.

My question...wait, did I have a question? Well, I do now. If or when you comment on a story, what brings you to do it? Is it solely the fact that you like the tale being told, or is it to help a struggling author with tips? Do you not comment on a story because you don't know what to say or is it because you don't like the author or the story?

Maybe there isn't an answer, or maybe nobody wants to admit the real reason behind what they do or don't comment on storywise. *shrug* I'm late for a smoke break from my toiling. Lemme know ladies and gents.

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