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LAN Party.. Oh what fun...

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I love LAN parties. Not because it's fun to get together with friends and play games, but because something always manages to mess up for me when playing. I'm the guy who has all the required gear and expertise for LANs, and I bring it all, and yet it seems that something always goes wrong. Even though problems occur, I still love it!

Like today, we had a LAN party at a friends house to play League of Legends. I brought my laptop (which can barely run LoL) and my new desktop that I traded my iPad for. First came the set-up. I hadn't set it up yet since I just got it, and I noticed that my keyboard uses a PS/2 connector and the desktop had no PS/2 port. No problem, so I looked online for schematics for tinkering the PS/2 to work with USB, all the while my friends played LoL. Turns out I had no tools to make the change.

So I decided to use an on-screen keyboard.

Second problem is that my new monitor didn't have the proper connector to work with the graphics card. No problem, I can play the game on low settings without the card, all the while my friends played LoL.

So I took out the graphics card.

I downloaded LoL for the first time, and installed it, and went to run it, and lo-and-behold, there was an error with some file called RADS. No problem, I'll check some online forums and find a solution, all the while my friends played LoL.

So I read and read.

There was no use. After all my reading and research and troubleshooting and reinstalling, everyone was leaving the LAN party. I spent 7 hours debugging, tinkering, and reading. I didn't play a single game of LoL. That being said, I probably had more fun than anyone there. I love tinkering, and that's what I got to do! I wanted to play LoL really bad, but I got to dick around inside a computer and practice my debugging skills! It was awesome.

It seems that every time I attend a LAN party, this happens. Guess what I'll be trying to fix this weekend? :laugh:

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