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System Destruction

A Proper [Forum] Introduction

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Well, in turn I decided thanks to DanDanSupermans blog post to also post a proper introduction. When I first came to the forum my introduction... well; let's pretend I never posted it

Also stealing DanDanSupermans format because I liked it! *hides under pillow*

My first 2 blog posts give a great overview of my entire life.
I have a difficult time with social situations.
In fact, I don't even feel a need or a want for any social contact at all... Including with my family.
I prefer being alone.
But, I'm currently in a relationship.
I can't understand sarcasm, or any form of joking.
At all.
I have a fear of being rejected in any way.
I haven't cried in over 6 years and feel incapable to do so.
I feel little to no emotion.
I'm -quite- asexual, but can 'handle' guys
I don't like sex.
I am fascinated by sexual paraphilias, fetishes, and personality, developmental, and behavioural disorders.
I prefer to use the term gay-asexual (and honestly just gay) over asexual homoromantic.
All of my friends are either online, or furry.
I'm in university for computer science, however while I don't mind it... I wish I had gone into art.
I am very manipulative, and have lied and thought about faking injuries to get my way or invoke guilt.
Once when asked to go upstairs and get a can of pop I left up there in the middle of the night I thought about "falling" down the stairs to make her feel bad.
It wasn't until later that I realized such a 'delusion' is ridiculous.
At parties or bars I always sit in a corner facing a wall to prevent interaction.
I came to this site a while back when I found it on google searching for infantilism communities
and last but not least...

I'm an avid speedcuber (That is I solve rubik's cubes and various puzzles for speed).
My personal records:

* 2x2x2 - 5.72s
* 3x3x3 - 13.43s [Lucky PLL Skip] 15.72s [Non Lucky] 20.17s Average 10 of 12
* 4x4x4 to 7x7x7 - don't practice for speed yet
* Megaminx - 2m 58.xx s
* Other cubes/puzzles I can solve [Skewb, Skewb Ultimate, Master Pyramorphinx, Pyraminx, Square-1, Gear Cube, Clock, Axis Cube, Gigaminx, Rex Cube, and probably another few I've left out :P]
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  1. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    You bitch! You stole my format and without permission, too! I'd come hunt you down for that, but - grr - you've hidden well!

    Hi, though! You sound a bit like me - but much more interesting! Speedcubing sounds awesome - I f**king hate Rubik's Cubes since they defeat me!

    That said, I'm not sure if we can be friends if you don't understand sarcasm - it's my primary method of communication!

    I've also lied to get out of things. But I suffer terribly with guilt, so.. It never turns out well for me in the end!

    Hi, nice to get to know you

    Dan x
  2. Lobie's Avatar
    I suppose maybe a little bit more interesting XP.

    Everyone has a great time with it really. I mean obviously I can catch full out ridiculous things, I'm not gullible. But as for sarcastic comments "I really really hated that..." I will always ask why. My boyfriend is the biggest culprit; then he tells me he was being sarcastic :P Can't help but feel a little like a moron haha.

    I feel guilt for somethings, more serious though.

    Nice to get to know you to =P
  3. Lobie's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by alu
    ive been going at my rubix cube for 2 years and you say that it takes you 20 seconds ,you must tell me the secret to the rubix cube. Anyway nice re-intro.
    Practice practice practice, and learn the Fridrich, Petrus, or Roux reduction methods
  4. irataliw's Avatar
    I have never understood the human dichotomy....
    You say you feel little to no emotion yet enjoy MLP FIM ,a show that's whole premise is emotion, and you have a boyfriend which clearly caters to the emotion of love, or at least deep affection.

    You say you eschew social interaction, and yet you come to a forum and vigorously participate in conversations showing a great deal of enjoyment in those social interactions. In that same vein, you have a boyfriend which in and of itself speaks to a need for some social actions in order to meet and develop said relationship.

    When someone actually has these inclinations they will generally be very, very alone with no friends, (forget an intimate partner). I don't think you give yourself enough credit, Lobie
  5. Lobie's Avatar
    XP Online social interactions don't count!

    okay, okay realize I say difficulty and what not. I still have difficulty even *with* my boyfriend. I'm much more of who I wish to be online when I'm hiding behind a monitor *waves* you can't see me =3

    I can't really say why that is ! but it is the case.

    I have very little emotion though, I'm usually quite indifferent ;p ask anyone who knows me

    I may not give myself enough credit though! but you're so picky =p - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.