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Flooding while hugging

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Um, words cannot describe this feeling, and for those who have had this, it is too cool.

I just finished a date with my fiance and a few of our friends. I brought her home and we embraced as we were saying goodbye. At the start of the embrace my bladder decided to cut loose, and for whatever reason she wants it to be a long hug. I am in heaven, but hoping she cannot feel the diaper area expanding. After that I kissed her goodnight and drove home. I am having lunch with her today and then she is going to decide what my new hairstyle will be... I have been growing my hair out specifically so she can take me to a stylist to "style" it into something hipper than my "high and tight" style. I used to have a ponytail, but a bald spot on the upper part of my dome made that look ridiculous. Unless I get some miracle hair restoration I doubt I will ever wear my hair that way again. It isn't like a Franciscan friar bald spot, more like the size of a silver dollar, but I still feel self conscious about it.

Anyway, apparently my happiness is noticeable enough that people are commenting on it. The way they comment it almost makes me wonder if I was a downer before, despite thinking I generally have an upbeat attitude. I mean, I guess I am a bit of a business type person, trying to accomplish a. and then b. but now I suppose I just smile a lot.

Meh. Life is good.


  1. erick's Avatar
    That hug sounds like pure bliss, life can defiantly be good sometimes. Hopefully more often than not
  2. h3g3l's Avatar
    Behold Patrick Stewart: a man for whom not even baldness can penetrate his quiet sense of dignity.

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