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The wonders of Walmart!

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I went to walmart in my new town today (I moved to Kelowna, from Lac La Hache), and it was my first time! Everything else was a bulk food store that was like, twice the size of a grocery store. So it was incredible to be in such a large store with so many products around me.

I figured while I was there, I should pick up some snacks, and while I was browsing, I found those animal crackers for $1.25 a box! I also found some Reeses peanut butter cups for $1 for 8! Of course, I picked some up for later. I mean, what kind of food isn't more suited for ageplay then animal crackers?

Big store, cheap food. It was great, and I'll have to go there agan!


  1. SlowBro's Avatar
    I love Wal-Mart. o.o I go there like once a week at least. xD Should I feel bad that the people who make most of the products are getting paid 3 cents an hour?....
  2. user13640's Avatar
    XD I find that funny since its been around my whole life and this is amazing you XD
  3. ballucanb's Avatar
    Did you find out yet that the Reese's cups were way under sized?
  4. Adyson's Avatar
    It was a neat store! I'm from an itty bitty town, so I don't see much. Even Kelowna isn't as big as Vancouver, but it was neat to see! How can you not be amazed!?! lol.

    They were tiny, but considering it comes with 8 freakin cups in one pack for a buck, it's astronomically better than 3 normal ones for a million bucks. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.