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Recounting My AB History #1

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Alright, as this is an ageplay forum, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about my ABness every once in a while. The way this is going to work is I'm going to share individual experiences with you that best explain me and where I've been. Hopefully it will be interesting to read.

The Beginning

I am the only child of a single mother. My mom was never married, and she never dated after I was born, she pretty much dedicated her life to making sure I was happy and taken care of. I was never spoiled or anything like that, but I did get things that I wanted pretty often.

When I was thirteen two very important things happened: 1. I saw Tommy of DPF on Jerry Springer. 2. My mom bought a computer for us.

Seeing the Jerry Springer episode made me question whether I was really seeing it or if I was dreaming. I had feelings about diapers and being a baby again, but I had no idea that there were other people out there like me. Since we had a computer now, I took the first I got and hopped onto the blazing fast AOL dial-up of 1998 and went to DPF. Within a matter of days I'd gone from DPF to dozens of other sites and found that there was a whole world world of people like me and I knew that I had to start wearing diapers to experience some of the things I'd read for myself.

Around this time my cousin had her first child and my mom went out and bought all the supplies she'd need to babysit, jackpot. I took the chance presented to me and stole a diaper. Naturally the diaper didn't fit so I continued using homemade diapers that I'd created from towels and other things until I came up with an idea.

I wanna take just a moment to congratulate myself on my idea. I'm truly impressed that my thirteen year old mind was able to come up with this one, and I'll never pass up the opportunity to pat myself on the back.

Anyway, I came up with the idea to steal a second diaper and put the two together. I unfolded both diapers and put the back of the first diaper on top of the inside front of the other diaper then, and this is the genius part, I STAPLED the two together where they met so that when I put it on me I had a my size baby diaper. *slow clap*

I didn't use that diaper, at least not initially. Instead, I put it in a tool box my uncle had given me, a toolbox with a padlock. Inside that box was my homemade diaper, a bottle, a pacifier and pages of AB stuff I'd printed off the internet. It was my Hope Chest, and I hid it on the top shelf of my closet in the corner under a blanket so my mom would never find it.

My mom found it. I came home from school one day to find my mom on the couch in the living room crying. Next to her on the floor was my toolbox, the lock broken off and the contents spread out on the couch. She told me that she'd seen some things on the internet history (which I didn't know existed) and had found my box and busted it open because she was looking for drugs or something that would explain what was going on. I totally froze. I was completely unable to explain anything to her no matter how much crying and begging she did.

Since I was unable to explain myself to her she decided to take me to a therapist so that I could talk to him about what was going on. During my very first session he started talking about crossdressing and being gay, I'm not sure why. Anyway, I clammed up with him based on that and we ended up spending our total of ten sessions talking about school and basically wasting everyone's time and my mom's money.

Needless to say, I kept my secret much better after that, and didn't get caught again or talk to my mom about it even to this day. My mom and I don't talk anymore, and I'm basically running out the clock until she dies. I know that's a horrible thing to say, but I just resent the shit out of my mom for being an overbearing and overprotective person my whole life.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line. Please let me know if you found this interesting and if you would like me to continue sharing experiences from throughout my life. Thank you for your time.


  1. BandNerd's Avatar
    Nice blog. I found this blog as a very interesting insight to your life, and I hope you make more. I'm sorry to hear about your mother, though.
  2. DementiasKnight's Avatar
    Thank you Francis, I'm glad you liked it. Don't concern yourself with my mother, she's not a part of my life anymore and I'm better off. I appreciate your sympathy though. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.